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About Our Garage Blueprints

Garage BlueprintsYour personal needs and the needs of your chosen contractor(s) will determine the number of blueprints necessary to begin building your new garage. Usually, your local building department will require at least one copy to issue building permits. Lenders often require their own set of blueprints as well. Be sure to consult with your builder as well before ordering one of a plan package for one of our garage designs.

Here at, we offer several packages for garage blueprints. Our one-set package is stamped "not for construction" and is intended to allow you to review your garage building plans in detail before you begin the building process. This package can be used to obtain bids and estimates on the cost of construction. A minimum of five sets of garage blueprints are necessary to actually begin building. Our 5-set package helps you meet this minimum requirement, though we advise upgrading to our 8-set package in order to avoid sub-contractors having to share blueprints.

Our 8-set package offers the least expensive price per set of plans and ensures a smoother building process, as all parties will have ready access to their own set of garage plans - including you. We also offer a reproducible master and CAD file options, both of which allow for the generation of duplicate copies.

Detailed Garage Building Plans

Garage Building PlansEach set of garage building plans typically includes an artist's rendering of the structure, foundation plans, floor plans, and basic electrical and plumbing information. Interior and exterior elevation pages contain descriptive details and drawings of the interior and exterior elements. They can be found throughout the blueprints or on a separate page in the garage building plans.

For more information on what's included in our detailed garage building plans or any of our plan packages, please contact us.