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Apr 28 2020

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Vegetable Garden Ideas for Beginners

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Digging up your lawn to plant vegetables is a daunting task. Unless you are an experienced and committed gardener, you might want to start small. It’s exciting to grow a multitude of vegetables, but for the first-time gardener, pick a few veggies to start with and expand your repertoire every season.

Container gardening may just be the ticket. Tomato plants are just one of the already established plants that can be purchased at your gardening center and do well in large containers. Fabric pots with handles are available and after filling with soil, can be lifted and placed into more decorative containers. Leaf lettuce, peppers and herbs are also good choices for containers. Even potatoes can be grown in a pot and there are containers designed just for that purpose. If you are adventurous, give strawberries a try. With the many pots and towers designed to make efficient use of space, they are a winner. Remember as with any potted plant, the soil dries out faster, so frequent watering is required.

If you want to expand your vegetable garden, consider raised beds.  Kits are available for assembling or the DIY handyman will have no problem building them from scratch. They will have to be filled with soil, so some hauling and shoveling will be required. A raised bed is an efficient use of growing space and bending over one is a little easier on the back.

If you are starting your garden from seeds, you will find planting information on the back of the package along with a date to ensure they are fresh. It’s okay to overplant, as you can thin out the plants once they become established.

Pole beans can be grown on a trellis and depending on its sturdiness so can cucumbers. The back wall of a windowless garage is a good location for a fan trellis or a wall of lattice. 

Don’t be afraid to mix flowers in with your vegetables or for that matter vegetables in with your flowers. Marigolds have a reputation for repelling some of the garden pests that may bother your plants.

A good layer of mulch will help keep the moisture in your soil and if it is deep enough, it will smother any weeds that want to come up. There’s a famer’s saying about planting seeds in threes. One is for the bugs, one for the weather and one is for you. 

Happy planting.

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