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Jan 11 2016

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What is Included in a Set of Garage Blueprints?

Garage Plan 047G-0020Are you planning to build a garage? If the answer is, “Yes!” then you have a couple of options when it comes to purchasing a garage blueprint. You might choose to hire a local design professional to draw a custom garage plan, or you might opt to purchase a pre-drawn stock garage plan like those found at Many people choose to purchase a stock garage plan, but often wonder what is included in a set of blueprints. The list below summarizes the information typically included in a set of construction drawings. Most stock garage plans will include:

  1. Coversheet: This page is an artist’s rendering of the finished garage. It is used as a visual aid and represents the completed structure after it is built. In most cases, the coversheet is not necessary for the construction of your new garage. Therefore, some designers do not included it in their construction drawings.
  2. Exterior Elevations: The exterior elevations page(s) depict the exterior of the garage on all four sides. They indicate the exterior finish and trim of the garage by calling out the materials used to finish the outside of the structure such as brick, siding, stone or stucco. The elevations note the placement of these materials on the exterior of the garage. Additionally, roofing materials are specified and hand hewn timber beams or trusses, as well as roof pitches are indicated. Finally, the exterior elevations note or depict decorative elements like porch columns, carriage lamps, and window shutters. Styles and sizes of garage doors and windows may be shown on the exterior elevations as well.
  3. Foundation Plan: The foundation plan is a detailed drawing of the garage foundation. According to some trusted sites like, it reflects the pertinent information about the foundation such as dimensions, column locations, and concrete thickness of footers and foundation walls, as well as other necessary details. You can laso click over here now to find the best foundation for your home.
  4. Floor Plans: The floor plan page(s) indicate the layout and construction of each floor of the garage. They typically provide room dimensions, wall sizes, garage door installation and window locations, notes about ceiling details and design, and other pertinent construction notes and details.
  5. Interior Elevations: When applicable, the interior elevations describe and provide details and drawings about the built-in elements of a garage apartment or other finished space such as cabinets, handrails, moldings, vanities and built-in shelves or niches.
  6. Simple Plumbing: The simple plumbing information is usually found on the floor plan page, but sometimes it is on a separate page. It depicts placement and locations of bathtubs, showers, toilets and sinks when applicable. In case you need some expert help reading or updating the blueprints, do not hesitate to reach Plumbing Company or visit sites like for additional guidance.
  7. Basic Electric: The basic electrical information the can be found on the floor plan or on a separate page. It reflects the suggested locations of outlets, fixtures and switches when applicable.
  8. Sections: Garage plan sections may be found on a separate blueprint page or they might be found on various pages throughout the construction drawings. Typically, they are views of the garage which show the elements and composition of the foundation, interior and exterior walls, Epoxy Floor Coatings, stair details and roofs. The sections show the relationship between floors and indicate rooflines and ceiling heights.
  9. Details: Construction details can be found throughout the set of blueprints or they may be found on a separate page. These details convey information about how smaller elements of the structure should be constructed. Some examples include the design of handrail spindles, sizes and styles of trim and moldings, or the look of the fireplace. If you want tile flooring, you can contact professional tilers dublin to have it properly installed.

Please Note: Blueprint pages vary by designer. Not all stock garage plans incorporate every element described above.

For additional information, please read, What you Need to Know about Stock Garage Plans.

Understanding the elements of stock garage plan and the information that composes a set of blueprints will help you determine if a stock garage plan is right for you.

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Jul 02 2009

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Stock Garage Plans: Sealed or Stamped?

g0001frontIf you are planning to build a garage using stock plans, it is important to know these plans are not sealed or stamped by an architect.  Like all pre-drawn plans, stock garage plans are designed to meet the national building codes in place at the time the plans are created. However, the plans may not meet all local building codes.


Some states, cities, counties or municipalities require that stock garage plans are sealed or stamped by an architect or engineer certified in the state in which the garage will be built. This means the blueprints must be officially approved for construction.  If you are building a garage using stock plans and need them to be sealed, stamped or engineered in order to obtain building permits, you will have to find a local professional to do this for you. Often the building department or your builder can recommend someone to seal or stamp the plans before construction begins. A professional Sydney plumber will also be able to assess your current plumbing situation, if you have a drain repair that needs to be done or a clogged drain that needs to be flushed out.


Before purchasing any stock garage plans, do your homework. Check with the building department to find out if a seal or stamp is required. Then, contact someone locally and make sure they can approve the plans. Be sure to find out how long it will take. It will save you time and cause less headaches if you know what is required before you begin. It is no fun to order your garage plans thinking you’ll be able to build right away only to find out there will be delays because you must have you plans approved first.


Educating yourself about stock plans and whether or not townhouse architects Melbourne seal or stamp is required is an important part of the process when it comes to building a new, detached garage.

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