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Jul 20 2011

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Featured RV Garage Plan with Workshop – The Garage Plan Shop

RV Garage Plan 012G-0036Charming dormers and a siding façade highlight the exterior of this RV garage plan. Whether you are looking to store your RV, motor home, boat or trailer, the extra deep RV bay is sure to satisfy your needs. An extra tall overhead garage door accommodates extra height. A smaller overhead door opens to a garage workshop area offering space to park the family car or convenience when moving large and bulky items in and out of the workshop area. The family handyman will appreciate the shop area delivering plenty of space to work on home repair projects and store tools and supplies. With the full bath and laundry closet, it is easy to clean up after a dirty job either in the yard or workshop. The office and covered patio are thoughtful extras. Upstairs you’ll find a loft suitable for storing holiday decorations or basement and attic overflow.  Practical and functional, this RV garage plan with loft storage has much to offer!


For more information about similar garage floor plans, visit The Garage Plan Shop.

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Apr 15 2010

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Choosing an RV Garage Plan for RV and Motorhome Owners

033G-0016 RV Garage PlanAttention RV owners! The advantages of having an RV garage are obvious. Like cars, trucks, motorcycles and other motor vehicles, RVs, campers and motorhomes are not immune to the elements. Parking your RV in a garage purposely designed and built for it will definitely keep your recreational vehicle in good shape for years to come. Face it, RVs are a serious investment, and it is important to protect them in the best way possible. You can do it with RV garages plans! The Garage Plan Shop recommends considering these items before choosing an RV garage plan for your home away from home.


·         Determine the overall size of the RV you wish to accommodate – width, length and height. What size garage doors will you need? How deep should the RV bay be? How tall should the ceiling be?

·         Determine the size of your lot or the area of your backyard where you plan to build the garage. This will give you a guild line when considering the overall width and depth of RV garage plans.

·         Is the location where you plan to build accessible? Will you need to extend the driveway? Will you be able to pull the RV in and out of the garage safely and easily?

·         Because RV garages are taller than a standard garage, make note of any overhead power lines, telephone lines, etc. that may pose a problem.

·         Do you want your RV garage to offer another function? Consider extra features that may accommodate other needs like a storage space, half or full bath, workshop or work bench.

·         Do you want the RV bay to be attached to a standard garage for car storage?

·         If your lot is large enough, consider the convenience of a drive-thru RV garage featuring overhead doors at the front and back of the RV bay, which allow you to pull right thru the garage rather than hassling with backing in or out of the garage.

·         Check with your building department to find out if there are any building codes or restrictions that might influence the selection you make when choosing your garage plan.


After considering these ideas, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the RV garage plan that is right for you.

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Nov 25 2009

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RV Garage Plan for your Motor Home and Family Vehicles

RV Garage Plan 007H-0010RV garage plans, also known as motor home or motor coach garages, are designed to provide shelter to an RV or camper. The RV stall features an extra tall overhead door, a taller than average ceiling, an elevated roof and an extra deep bay accommodating the height and length of the motor home. While they are generally designed for storing a recreational vehicle, the parking space is also well suited for auto mechanics who’d like to install a lift for car maintenance. Also, these garages can accommodate large boats. Sometimes, the RV bay is attached to another usable space such as a two-car garage, ideal for the everyday family vehicles, or a workshop making them even more practical and useful. Many floor plans even offer special features such as a half bath, loft, drive-thru bay or workbench. From a single RV bay to a 2-car or 3-car garage with attached RV stall, garage plans with RV storage are available in a wide range of sizes and styles making it easy to find the right one to fit your lot and complement your home. They work well in the side yard or backyard and are sure to keep your home away from home, safe when you’re not on the road. Browse this collection of RV garage plans.

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