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Jan 02 2020

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Over-Sized RV Garage Plan with Three Tandem Bays

Over-Sized RV Garage Plan 062G-0160

This handsome garage plan sports stone accents and has the capacity to hold eight automobiles. How’s that for storing your classic car collection? Making it even more versatile is an RV bay that is lift-friendly. With space for a workshop, you are set. There’s even a covered porch for stepping away from your work to take a relaxing moment in the shade. Or… perhaps your needs include running a lawn care service or some other home-based business. Not only does this plan provide storage space for your equipment or inventory, it offers room to pull up a desk and create an office to go with it. But even if you only need to store your family vehicles, look at the space this garage plan provides for the family cars plus items like a golf cart, RV, four-wheeler, bicycles, scooters, etc. Have a look at to learn more about rvs.

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The workshop space can be used for maintaining your fleet and DIY projects, or create an exercise room, hobby and craft room or potting shed.       

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Jan 28 2019

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RV Garage Plans for Your Home on Wheels – The Garage Plan Shop

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When you are not on the road, it is important to protect your investment from the elements. RV garage plans are ideal for your home on wheels whether it’s an RV, camper or motor home. Check out these popular
rv storage plans.

If you’re planning on a winter road trip and have plenty of time to spare, why not consider the purchase of an Arctic Fox 35-5z motorhome. This Class A mini motor home is both compact and luxurious. If you’re looking to travel in style and with style, the Arctic Fox 35-5z could be the perfect solution for your travel needs. But if you’re new to RVs or have never driven one before, there are many things that you need to know in order to make sure that you are getting a good deal and that you are choosing the right RV for you. Armed with the following information, you’ll be able to shop for the perfect recreational vehicle that will suit your traveling style and your budget.

024G-0014: With its classy exterior, this RV garage plan will complement any landscape. One side presents a 16’ ceiling for storing an RV (or boat). The other bay is large enough to accommodate four automobiles. With this kind of open space available, the home handy person will be able to fill it (or use it) in a myriad of ways. We would like to recommend you to view here all the landscaping designs you can choose from.

RV Garage Plan 024G-0014
RV Garage Plan 024G-0014

010G-0026: Not only is this a handsome building perfect to house your RV, it offers a handy workshop too. There is a skylight on the garage side to admit natural light. That should help when trying to park that bad boy. Lose yourself in the roomy workshop with its wrap-around bench plus a sink for when you call the pros from Eco Clean Solutions When it’s time to daydream about your next project (or adventure) take a look through a large window that looks out onto a nifty porch.

RV Garage Plan 010G-0026
RV Garage Plan 010G-0026

021B-0002: How handy can you get with a plan that allows one to drive their recreational vehicle straight through? Well, pretty handy. Take a look at the side bays that offer additional functional space. One side accommodates equipment storage for your carts, four wheelers, jet skis, bicycles, paddle boards and lawn mower. The other side includes a shop area for your tinkering needs, a storage room to organize parts and clutter, plus a sink to wash up after you finish a project, there are great projects in the Pre-construction Condos in the Greater Toronto Area at the

RV Garage Plan 021B-0002
RV Garage Plan 021B-0002

051G-0086: Here’s a great plan for storing an RV similar sized to the Coachmen Freedom Express and two large cars. The RV bay has a vaulted ceiling that is 14’ tall.  Double bays on the auto side also include a storage area between them and the RV bay for all those extras. A handy service entry offers convenience.

RV Garage Plan 051G-0086
RV Garage Plan 051G-0086

062G-0120: This modern RV garage plan offers “space age” spaces. Check it out! The 20’ X 20’ bay has a two-story ceiling making it “lift friendly.” Behind that bay, find a storage area of equal square footage for stashing away tools and parts. Ascend the interior stairs to a spacious loft.  What a great space to create your own studio, hobby room, or gym.

RV Garage Plan 062G-0120
RV Garage Plan 062G-0120

Browse our full collection of RV garage plans for more ideas.

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Jan 20 2017

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The Right RV Garage Plan for You – The Garage Plan Shop

If you own an RV, camper, or motor home, chances are, you’ll want to protect your investment from the elements and keep it safe and secure when you’re not on the road. RV garage plans are the ideal solution for many years to come. They are available in a vast array of sizes and styles and some feature special extras like storage space or a half bath. With so many combinations of styles, bays and features, it will be easy to find a garage plan that satisfies your needs and fits your lot.

At we have found some samples of RV garage plans ranging from a very basic design to more complex designs that offer more than just RV storage and we have listed them below:

RV Garage Plan 033G-0015033G-0015: If you have a limited budget, face size constraints due to a small lot, or simply need to protect your RV and nothing else, this RV garage plan is worth taking a closer look. It’s compact size and basic design offer protection for your home away from home without taking up too much space in the backyard or blowing your budget. It is only 18’ wide, boasts a 14’ ceiling and delivers 648 square feet of parking. A handy workbench and two service entries offer convenience.

RV Garage Plan 051G-0086 051G-0086: For those who wish to protect their RV and store a couple extra cars, consider an RV garage plan like this one. It includes an attached 2 car garage providing enough parking for your everyday vehicles or other motorized items like ATVS, motorcycles or jet skis. The RV bay is separated from the 2-car garage but is accessed by a service door between the two spaces. The RV bay offers a vaulted ceiling and a 12’x13’-6” garage door. The 2-car garage enjoys a 9’ ceiling and two 10’x8’ garage doors plus some storage space that is suitable for a workbench or storage shelves. Traditional styling blends nicely with a variety of architectural styles.

0RV Garage Plan 062G-007662G-0076: Here’s an RV garage that sports a modern design and has more to offer than you might expect! The RV bay is accompanied by an extra deep car bay that is ideal for parking one car while having storage space in the rear. Or, it is suitable for storing other things like a pair of canoes or kayaks, life jackets and fishing poles. The RV bay offers a vaulted ceiling and a 12’x14’ garage door easily accommodating your RV, motor home or camper. Stairs lead to the second-floor loft which can be used for seasonal storage or it can be finished as a studio, office or game room. If you’re looking for an RV garage that provides extra usable space, consider a design like this one.

035RV Garage Plan 035G-0014G-0014: Here’s an RV garage plan that is flexible enough to store your RV and a couple of cars or it can hold up to eight standard automobiles. The finished living space is flexible too! It can be used as a recreation area, guest suite, apartment or home office. Begin with the 2230 square foot garage space featuring a large storage closet and two overhead garage doors (16’x16’ and 16’x10’). There is plenty of room to park your RV and a couple of family cars. On the second floor, the finished living area features a full bath, kitchen, living room and den. This space could easily serve as an apartment or guest suite for weekend visitors. Or if you prefer, finish it has a home office for the work-at-home individual. This arrangement would offer privacy for phone calls and meeting with clients outside the main house, but you’d never really have to leave home. This flexible living area is also suitable to be finished as a media room, game room or man cave. The possibilities are endless with this RV garage apartment plan.

RV Carport Plan 006G-0164006G-0164:  If you have a tight budget or just don’t want to build an enclosed garage, consider an RV carport plan like this one to protect your vehicle. The carport design features a covered porch for grilling and relaxing plus a storage closet. It’s the ideal place to park your RV after a long road trip and it offers plenty of room for pop-outs if you need to clean out the RV or just air it out after your trip.

No matter what your needs may be, there are plenty of RV garage plans and RV carport plans to protect your investment, satisfy your individual style and tastes, and deliver all the other extras you may be looking for in your RV garage. Take some time to browse our entire collection of RV garage plans to find the one that is right for you!

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Mar 22 2016

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5 New RV Garage Plans for Your RV, Motor Home or Camper

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If you own an RV, motor home, truck campers or utv trailers you are certainly well aware of how necessary it is to protect your investment. When you’re not on the road, it is a good idea to have a safe place to store your home away from home. RV garage plans offer the perfect solution! These floor plans are specifically designed to protect your investment from the elements and keep it in good condition. They feature at least one garage bay that is wider, deeper and taller than a typical garage bay so it can accommodate the overall size of a recreational vehicle. If you are still liking for your RV, take a look to this cheap airstream for sale.

RV garage plans are available in a broad range of sizes and styles. While some simply offer an RV bay, others offer special extras like a workbench, half or full bath, storage space or workshop area. If you’d like to have a larger property to keep your vehicles in, then consider speaking with a RV park broker for some great options. 

Some even offer a garage apartment on the second floor. Below are five of the newest RV garage plans we’ve added to our site. Take some time to discover what each one has to offer. You just might find that one of these new RV garage plans will satisfy your needs.

RV Garage Plan 051G-0086

If you need sheltered parking for more vehicles than just your RV, this detached RV garage plan is worth considering. It offers an RV bay with a vaulted ceiling plus an attached two-car garage with extra work or storage space. It provides plenty of room for your everyday cars as well as space for the family bikes, recycling bins, lawn mower or garden tools. Its flexible design allows this RV garage plan to accommodate a wide variety of needs.

For those who need just a little extra parking and a place to keep their recreational vehicle safe from the elements, this RV garage plan just might fit the bill. It offers an RV bay with 12” ceiling on the left and a 1-car garage on the right. A covered entry offers convenience. It’s simple design blends nicely with a variety of architectural home styles.

072G-RV Garage Plan 072G-00350035
Do you spend a good part of the year on the road traveling from place to place? If so, maybe you need a place to call “home base” for the times when you are not traveling. This RV garage plan with second floor apartment might be the perfect design for you. The main floor offers an RV bay giving you a place to store your RV or motor home when you’re not on the road and a two-car garage for your everyday vehicles. The second floor features an efficiency apartment outfitted with one bedroom, one bath, a compact kitchen and room for a stackable washer/dryer unit.

Maybe you own an RV or camper trailers Melbourne along with a variety of other motorized vehicles that you’d like to protect from the elements. This double RV garage plan features plenty of storage space. It is designed to accommodate two RVs, campers or motor homes, or it can be used for extra storage space. Just imagine one bay for RV storage and the other bay for boat storage or parking a pair of cars tandem style. The second bay could easily be used for smaller items like a golf cart, ATV, motorcycle and more. Additionally, it could be used for a workshop area or hobby space. Designed with a simple floor plan, this RV garage is flexible and well-suited for more uses than you might expect!

RV Garage Plan 007G-0021
Don’t be fooled by this RV garage plan. While it may have the looks of a barn or a 2-car garage, it has more to offer than meets the eye. This carefully designed RV garage apartment plan is filled with surprises. The main floor offers a 2-car garage on one end and RV garage bay that enters from the other end. Additionally, a covered porch provides a place to relax outdoors or fire up the grill. Interior stairs lead to the second floor living quarters. Here’s you’ll find a carefully designed apartment outfitted with one bedroom, two full baths, a compact kitchen, sitting area, game room and three bunk areas.

You might also consider this RV garage plans for boat and trailer storage or for installing an auto lift to work are cars. If you are looking for a less expensive way to protect your RV from the elements, you might consider jimmys rv storage instead.

For more options, take some time to browse our entire collection of RV garage plans.

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May 14 2015

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RV Garage Plans for Various Needs – The Garage Plan Shop

007G-0008 RV Garage PlanIf you’re looking for an RV garage to protect your home away from home when you’re not on the road, there are a variety of designs to choose from. There are RV garage plans that offer just the basics while others offer a multitude of “extras.” Below is a sampling of garage designs that may accommodate your needs.


007G-0008 – This basic RV garage provides just enough room for your RV, motor home or boat. It offers the basic features such as an extra deep bay, tall ceiling oversized garage door. If you just need to protect your RV, consider a practical solution such as this simple design. It is both cost and space efficient.


012B-0005 – Maybe you need to store more than just an RV. Designs like this outbuilding can provide protection from the elements for your motor home or camper as well as other large motorized vehicles such as an oversized pick-up truck, a tractor or other machinery. This garage floor plan offers an RV bay with a tall ceiling and oversized door, as well as, plenty of other parking or storage space.


028G-0052 RV Garage Plan028G-0052 – Need a place to park the family cars and your RV or boat? This RV garage plan offers a double garage bay for everyday automobiles, and it includes a drive-thru feature for the RV bay. This special feature eliminates the hassle of backing your RV in or out of the garage by allowing you to just pull straight through the RV bay. Additionally, it incorporates a storage loft, which provides plenty of room for seasonal items and holiday decorations. Or, it could be finished as an office, hobby room, or whatever you desire.


035G-0006 – Here’s an RV garage plan that has much to offer. In addition to the RV bay, it features a smaller bay that is designed as workshop space. An overhead door makes it easy to move tools in and out of the garage. Pay attention to the office and conference room. This thoughtful floor plan makes it easy for a work-at-home-professional to conduct business from a private space outside the home without leaving the driveway. Additionally, the full bath and kitchenette make it easy to convert the space to a guest suite when overnight guests arrive.


010G-0017 Rv Garage Plan010G-0017 – For those who need a home base when they aren’t traveling in their RV, this carriage house plan is the solution. It offers an RV bay for your motor home, a three-car garage for everyday vehicles, and a workshop on the main level. But upstairs, you’ll find all the essentials in the garage apartment. The floor plan includes a full bath and bedroom, kitchen, office nook and gathering space.


Whether you just need the basics or all of the extras, there is an RV garage plan that is sure to satisfy your needs.

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