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May 30 2018

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Choosing the Right Roofing Material for your Garage – The Garage Plan Shop

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Roofing MaterialIf you’re building a new garage, take some time to explore what roofing options are available before selecting a roofing material. There are a quite a few choices to consider, and there is plenty of information available to help you choose the right material. Think about cost versus longevity and ease of upkeep.  Of course, you will want to ensure the roofing material blends with your existing home and compliments the architectural style of your garage. Ake some time to discuss your options with you contractor as well. Now, let’s check out your possibilities:


Asphalt/Composite – This is the most affordable and popular of roofing materials. It may need to be replaced more often than other choices but most warranties average 35 years. This option offers numerous colors and styles. The materials are lightweight, and they are rated for wind speed and impact.

Wood – Wood shingles are durable and look fabulous on many different home styles. Of course, fire is a threat and you will need to check for restrictions in your area.

Metal – This material is offers longevity. The vintage corrugated roofing you see on old farm houses and sheds is still available and is relatively inexpensive. Consider the new designs in metal roofing as they are attractive and last a long time.  Besides being energy efficient and fire resistant, this material comes in a range of styles that mimic other materials.

Clay or Concrete tiles – This material is durable but heavy. It can’t be beat for adding to the attractive character of a Sunbelt or Mediterranean-style garage plan. However, broken tiles will have to be replaced by a trained professional, but the upkeep is worth it.

Slate – A slate roof will last over a hundred years. It is durable but heavy. Check to make sure your trusses or rafters have the strength to support it.


Fort further information, considering contacting the National Roofing Contractors Association. They are a non-profit trade group that represents all aspects of the roofing industry.

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