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Oct 18 2016

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Garage Plans with Flexible Spaces to Suit Many Needs

There’s no doubt that today’s homeowners have widely different needs from one another. When it comes to the garage, it is almost impossible to find two people that need or want the same type of garage. Garage plans with flexible spaces are designed to accommodate a broad range of needs when it comes to adding a detached garage to your backyard. In addition to offering extra parking, garage plans with flex space feature some type of finished living space that is designed for a particular purpose, but flexible enough to change as your lifestyle and needs change. You might need a home office while the kids are young so you have a quiet place to work above the garage, but you might find that you need a guest room 20 years from now for when the kids return home for the holidays. Garage plans with flexible spaces offer the opportunity to “flex” and change as your needs and lifestyle change. There are numerous detached garages in a wide variety of sizes and architectural styles. When it comes to the roofing style and materials for your detached garage, you may consult with a residential roofing replacement contractor or a commercial roofing expert.

Below are a few examples of garage plans with flex space. Take some time to consider your lifestyle, you might just find the right one to accommodate your needs.

Garage Plan with Flex Space 051G-0075051G-0075: For those who need a lot of parking, this two-story garage offers parking for up to six cars (or boat storage in the two tandem bays) plus it provides a recreation room the whole family can enjoy. If there’s not enough room in the main house for entertaining, you’ll appreciate the game room where the family can enjoy some relaxing time together, and it offers a place for your teenagers to hang out with friends without disrupting the entire household. With a half bath and utility room, this garage plan with flex space can easily convert to a sleeping loft to handle weekend guests.

076G-0015: Just right for the work-at-home parent, this garage plan with flex space provides a double garage plus an office on the second floor. Plenty of windows fill the office with natural light while a half bath and kitchenette offer the accommodations you’ll need for a full day’s work without ever setting foot in the main home until the end of the workday. And when the time comes for you to retire, this space will easily convert to an art studio, sewing room or pottery room for those with plenty of hobbies to pursue.


Garage Plan with Flex Space 062G-0059062G-0059: This modern two garage plan offers flexible space in the form of a loft studio. This space is ideal for painters and musicians to practice their talents. It allows a place to store and use materials, tools, and instruments without having to clean up or pack up everything after a practice session. In the future, this space will easily convert to guest quarters. A full bath and kitchenette will offer your guests all the comforts of home with a little privacy.

012G-0129: This three-car garage plan with workshop is sure to please with family handy man while Mom enjoys working on pottery and other art projects upstairs. But don’t be fooled! When the time comes, the art studio can easily transform into a recreation room or media room. Or maybe you prefer to transform it into a studio apartment. The possibilities are endless with this garage plan with flex space.

Garage Plan with Flex Space 035G-0022035G-0022: Two tandem bays offer boat storage or parking for up to four cars with this garage plan with flex space. The studio and kitchen accommodate a home based business or provide a place to work on hobbies. The loft upstairs delivers storage. However, if you ever need a guest suite, simply enclose the loft and convert it to a bedroom. Your weekend guests can use the studio for a sitting area and the kitchen and full bath will offer ample accommodations.

No matter your needs, garage plans with flex space can deliver the parking you need plus that extra space for your special needs.

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Nov 10 2010

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Detached Garage Plans with Flex Space and Flexible Rooms

051G-0014 Garage Plan with Flex SpaceDetached garage plans are often the ideal solution to parking and storage needs. But what if a garage plan can offer you and your family more than unfinished parking and storage space? Garage plans with flex space and flexible rooms are a growing trend among home owners. Not only do  they add functionality and value to your home, but they also offer finished living space for a variety of purposes. Generally, garage plans with flex space feature a parking area for one to three cars and an attached finished area either positioned beside or above the garage. The flexible, finished living spaces include offices, recreation rooms, hobby areas, art studios, exercise rooms and more. Some flex spaces provide a full bath and even a kitchenette making them perfect for an in-law suite. In some cases, the work well for home based businesses providing an office space or place to meet with clients without disturbing the rest of the home. In other instances, these modestly outfitted spaces can serve as a multi-purpose room, such as a full time hobby or craft room that easily converts to guest quarters when overnight visitors arrive. Or, use the flex space for your college student delivering privacy. When he or she finds a place of his or her own, you can use the space for playing cards or scrapbooking with friends.


Garage plans with flex space are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Various features, rooflines and garage door configurations further extend the selection. With a little imagination, garage plans with flexible rooms can be used for almost anything. Take some time to browse The Garage Plan Shop’s collection of garage plans with flex space.

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