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Aug 13 2019

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Versatile Two-Car Garage Plan with Carport

Traditional Garage Plan 001G-00007

There’s nothing like taking care of the necessities but this handsome traditional garage plan offers much more.

It offers two garage bays, two overhead doors, two service entries, a storage closet by the top closet designers and a carport on the side.

Make good use of the storage closet for stashing away lawn and garden tools that usually clutter a garage and get underfoot, and if you need to learn how to use these tools correctly, you can always go to sites like to find the best information about this. But the most versatile feature is the carport. Sure it’s a great place for junior to park his first car or to shelter grandma’s vehicle when she visits, but the possibilities are endless. It could be a roller rink for the little ones or a storage space for bicycles and pool toys. Dad could stow and tinker on his riding mower or motorcycle, protected from the sun. It is suitable for storing a pair of kayaks or a jet ski. Add a chin-up bar and box jump for your own outside gym. With some lawn furniture and a grill, you’re ready for a family get-together. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy this 2-car garage plan with carport and EV charger (look up EV charger installation in North Sioux City, SD or nearby areas for professional help).  

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The extended height of a forklift mast is the distance from the floor to the top of the mast (or load backrest) when fully extended. This is different than lift height, which is measured from the forks to the floor. However, contacting the best tiler near you for floor reparations or replacements can be a lot easier for you.

The collapsed height is the distance from the top of the mast to the floor when the mast is completely lowered. This is an important measurement if your forklifts need to travel through small openings such as a standard garage door or operate inside containers or truck trailers. In case you are building a garage in Calgary make sure to contact the bets professionals for a good result and quality materials.

For other garage plan ideas, please use our advanced search to find the plan perfect for your needs.

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Nov 02 2011

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Featured Three-Car Garage Plan with Carport – The Garage Plan Shop

Garage Plan 050G-0032While a 3-car garage would be a nice addition to your home, a 3-car garage with carport might be even nicer. Take a look at this practical and efficient garage floor plan. Two overhead doors open to 816 square feet of sheltered parking protecting your cars from the wrath of Mother Nature. With three parking bays there is plenty of room to store multiple cars inside the garage. Or maybe you only need to store one automobile. Use the other bays for storage of other motorized items such as the riding lawn mower, a golf cart or motorcycle. Now take a look at the attached carport. This space works well for sheltering another vehicle. Or it could be used for a covered porch or patio for outdoor cookouts or just visiting with neighbors on pleasant evenings. Form and function go hand in hand with this 3-car garage plan with carport. Learn more about this design.

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Nov 24 2010

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Garage Plan with Carport: A Practical Sheltered Parking Solution

050G-00032 Garage Plans with CarportIf you have a growing family fleet, consider this 3-car garage plan with carport. Not only does it offer  three bays and 816 square feet of interior parking, but it also delivers a handy carport on the side. The carport is just right for protecting another car or smaller motorized items from the elements. Some might even use the carport for other things such as storing firewood out of the rain and snow or as a covered patio for grilling or just kicking back and relaxing with the neighbors on a pleasant evening. Still others might use the carport as a place to work on the cars or home maintenance projects while staying nice and cool in the shade. Just use your imagination, this garage plan with carport is designed to accommodate a multitude of needs.


Please visit The Garage Plan Shop and view our full collection of garage plans with carports.

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Sep 22 2010

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Functional Garage Plans with Carports from The Garage Plan Shop

050G-0030 Garage with CarportSome may argue that a garage provides the best shelter and convenience for parking the family cars. Others may be partial to carports due to their easy access and the multiple uses they provide. But what if you could have both? Garage plans with carports provide the solid structure many look for when it comes to protecting automobiles from the elements while providing a flexible, partially enclosed space that serves a variety of needs. The Garage Plan Shop, offers an ever growing collection of these garage floor plans.


Garage plans with carports are detached garages with an attached carport. In most cases, they offer one to three garage bays and at least one semi-enclosed stall for the carport area. While the garage works well for car storage, a workshop/hobby space or storage for lawn and garden equipment, the carport is ideal for storing a boat, trailer or other equipment. It is well suited for storing and parking other bulky/large items that may not belong in a garage or barn, but need to be protected from rain, sun, ice, snow and wind. In some cases, owners prefer to use the carport as a covered patio or porch, perfect for grilling and outdoor meals. Some like using the carport to work on automobiles or home repair projects, especially if a workshop is not available. The carport provides a covered place to work regardless of the weather. On large pieces of property such as a ranch or farm, garage plans with carports offer plenty of storage space for equipment and are sometimes an alternative solution to pole barns and outbuildings.


Garage plans with carports are available in an array of sizes and styles. A variety of garage door combinations, positioning of the carport, the number of bays or stalls, the roofline and exterior finish all contribute to the individual look and character of each design. Take some time to browse The Garage Plan Shop’s collection of garage plans with carports to find the right one to suit your needs.

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