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Mar 04 2012

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Organize Your Garage with Storage Cabinets – The Garage Plan Shop

Garage Storage CabinetsAs your garage door opens, are you frightened at the sight of what is inside? Do you ever wonder how it got to be so cluttered and full of stuff? Do you wonder if you’ll ever be able to park the car inside the garage again? Do you wonder if you’ll ever be able to find a certain tool or toy that’s stashed inside?


You may think it will be impossible to get your garage organized, but there is hope. Installing cabinets and other organizational accessories will create storage space allowing you to get things up off the floor and put them in a place where you’ll be able to find them next time you need them. Garage storage cabinets are available in a wide variety of choices so it should be easy to find just the right ones to fit in your garage and accommodate all of your belongings. In addition to cabinets, there are other garage storage accessories available like shelving units, workbenches and counters that provide extra storage space and even work space.


Take some time to consider what items you want to store in your garage and what will go into the self storage facility downtown, this will help you determine how many cabinets and storage shelves you’ll need to accommodate all of your belongs. Do you need a workbench or counter? Consider locking cabinets for items that you need to keep out of reach of small children such as power tools or harmful chemicals such as weed killer. But don’t forget to accommodate the kids. Choose lower cabinets and shelving units that are easy to access for the kids to store outdoor toys, bike helmets, baseball bats and gloves, etc.


Once cabinets, shelving units and other storage accessories are installed, store all your belongings in their designated spaces. Each time you use a particular item, return it to the place you got it from. This will help keep the garage floor clear and leave room for you to park the family car.


For more ideas like this one, check out The Garage Plan Shop’s resource page and our blogs about garage organization.

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Jul 27 2011

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The Garage Plan Shop – Quick Tips for Garage Safety

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Garage Plan 047G-0004Weather you have an attached or detached garage, there are many things you can do to be safe inside and around the garage. From ensuring your own personal health and safety and that of others to protecting what is stored inside the garage, these tips from The Garage Plan Shop will help you practice garage safety:


  • If it isn’t necessary to have your garage door open, keep it closed. An open garage door is an invitation for any passer-by/burglar to have a street view of everything you have inside. If they see something appealing, they might just decide to help themselves when you’re not looking stealing tools, bikes and other valuables. Or, they may watch and wait for you to leave before they strike. And remember, often the things in our garage will provide an indication about what is inside the house turning your garage burglar into a house burglar too.
  • Keep all windows and doors locked and secured when you’re not inside the garage. An unlocked window or door leaves opportunity for someone to break-in your garage. Lock windows and screens when you don’t need them open and keep the overhead door and any service entries locked when not in use.
  • Install motion lights outside the perimeter of your garage. If you need to head to the garage late at night or you are coming home late, the motion lights will light your way from the garage to the house or vice-versa. They will also deter burglars. And you’ll appreciate an outside light turning on when you pull in the driveway late at night. Motion lights have an added bonus, the save energy by only coming on where there is motion rather than keeping a light on all night. 
  • Organize the inside of the garage and keep everything in its place. Not only will this make it easy to find something you are looking for, but it will keep the floor and pathways clear making it easy to walk around in the garage and pull the car inside without risk of tripping over something or driving over something such as a sharp tool or rake that could potentially damage your tires.
  • Store items such as power tools out of reach or out of sight of children. It is best to keep them locked in a storage closet or cabinet inside the garage, but it you don’t have a place to lock them up, install sturdy shelving units or cabinets and store dangerous power tools and other items that may have your children up and out of reach.
  • Do not store flammable materials such as paint cans, gasoline containers and lawn fertilizer in your garage, especially if your garage is attached or situated near your home. If your garage catches fire, there is a good chance your house might too. Not only are these items at risk for catching fire, but they also give off hazardous fumes of not sealed and stored properly. These fumes can make their way into your home putting everyone at risk. It is best to store flammable items and other harmful chemicals in a backyard storage shed as far away from the home and garage as possible.
  • If flooding ever threatens your property, chances are your garage will be the first to take on water. Such cases call for the help of a professional fire restoration or water damage restoration minneapolis company. It is important that the water is removed from the appliances in your garage as well as moisture from the interior because it can also become the reason for a short circuit in your house. The flood cleaning service providers have the tools and technologies that will help to remove moisture from the interior. And if your crawlspace hasn’t been encapsulated yet, contact a professional crawlspace encapsulation service to get the job done.
  • Never let your car run inside the garage with the garage door closed. The build-up of gases and emissions from a running car can cause serious illness and even death. If you need to warm your car up in the winter, back it out of the garage or at least open the garage door all the way to let the harmful gases escape.


Following these safety tips will help protect the items you store inside your garage and prevent unnecessary health risks to you and your family.

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Mar 17 2010

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Fabulous Garage, Functional Storage: Garage Storage Ideas

Garage StorageNow that you’ve built your dream garage, it is time to make this fabulous new addition functional, satisfying all of your needs. Note: It is important to add all storage items and accessories before you begin moving anything into your brand new detached garage. Otherwise, the clutter might take over before you’ve even had a chance to begin organizing the garage in a useful and efficient manner. One rule of thumb to follow: Think vertical! From floor to ceiling, capitalize on vertical space keeping the parking and walking areas free and clear for easy movement.



There is a wide range of wall accessories to maximize your garage storage safely. Pegboards and hooks deliver plenty of vertical storage space and cabinets can be easily arranged to offer floor and overhead cabinets with a countertop or work bench resting on top of the floor units. Both pegboards and hooks can be arranged to fit any size garage. Another good choice for storage is a slotted panel system which combines the use of hooks, shelves and cabinets. No matter which organizational method you choose for your walls, make sure each piece or item is securely mounted to the wall and do not store anything that exceeds the maximum weight capacity.



Industrial shelving units are available in a many different sizes and styles and can easily stretch from floor to ceiling. Shelving units should be anchored to the wall so they cannot be toppled easily. (This is especially important where young children are present.) Place open bins on the lower shelves to organize children’s toys and sporting equipment in a place the kids can easily access it. Also, use bins on the middle shelves to group other similar items such as gardening gloves, flower pots and small shovels or lifejackets and water shoes. Covered bins are great for folding and storing seasonal outerwear such as winter jackets and hunting clothes. Use the higher shelves for items that may be harmful or dangerous to your children such as chemicals and larger items that do not easily hang on the wall like the leaf blower. (Pay attention to chemical labels regarding temperatures. Some items are best stored indoors where the temperature is more constant.)



Though we don’t traditionally use the ceiling for storage in our homes, the garage is one place where you can make use of the space above. In many cases, hooks can be installed in the ceiling that work well for hanging bikes, lawn chairs and even strollers in some instances. If there is room above the rafters for a storage loft, use the space for seasonal items such as holiday decorations or items you only need once or twice a year. Often a ladder or pull-down stair is the easiest way to access the space. Just be sure the floor is sturdy enough to support the weight of the items you plan to store and be careful climbing the ladder with heavy boxes or bulky items.


With a little thought and planning, you can turn your fabulous new garage into a functional and efficient storage space that keeps everything in its place.

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Mar 03 2010

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Garage Storage for Bike Riders

Bike RackWith spring right around the corner, chances are bike lovers are thinking about taking that first long ride on an upcoming pleasant and sunny spring day. Now is the time to get ready. Whether you plan to train for a big ride everyday or you prefer leisurely rides with the family on Sunday afternoons, you’ll be taking your bike out of the garage more frequently that you did throughout the winter months (if you even got it out at all). So why not make the family bikes more accessible and store them safely when not in use?


There are a wide variety of bike storage systems and racks available for garage storage including those that allow bikes to hang upside-down from the garage ceiling and vertical poles to which bikes are mounted saving garage floor space.


Consider how much garage space you can dedicate to bike storage and how many bikes you wish to store. Shop around and find out what bike racks or storage devices are available to suit your needs and will fit in the allotted space within your garage. Are they easy to use? Are the safe for your kids? Can your kids access their bikes easily? Will you need to help them? Will your car and other items in the garage be safe if you add the bike rack? Pay attention you your garage door as not to position the rack where it will prevent you from opening the door.  


Think about the functionality of each bike storage system. Some come with hooks for hanging helmets and other gear. Is this something you need or can you do without it?


If you want to add bike storage to your detached garage, you’ll have to do some research to find the one that works best for your needs. Shop online and at local bike shops and home improvement stores for ideas and possibilities that will work for you.

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Oct 28 2009

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Storage Safety Tips for your New Garage

Garage Storage and SafetyIf you’ve decided to build your dream garage, or just add that extra space you’ve been needing, it is important you make plans to keep your garage safe and hazard free. Knowing how to safely store chemicals and other hazards should be one of your top priorities as many of these dangers usually end up in the garage. Educate yourself and plan ahead so you know just how you are going to store these potentially dangerous items keeping you and your family safe, not to mention your dream car that will be parked inside your new garage. These tips will help you.


Tools and Ladders

·         Make sure extension cords stored or used in the garage are rated for outdoor use due to possible moisture in the garage. Those not rated for outdoor use can easily cause an electrical short or possibly catch fire if stored and/or used outside.

·         Plan to store ladders horizontally against a wall or at floor level using storage hooks to secure them. If stored vertically and not tightly secured, they can easily tip or fall harming people and damaging property.

·         Lawn and garden tools and other small hand tools such as a screw driver or hammer should be placed in a secure space such as a toolbox. If possible lock the toolbox preventing children from accessing dangerous items.

·         Store tools, especially those with sharp points or blades, out of reach of children, but make sure the adult accessing the tools can retrieve it easily without causing any danger or harm to themselves. Also make sure all power tools are turned or switched off before storing after each use.



·         Chemicals should be stored in their original containers with complete warning labels so you know what is inside and what dangers or threats each may pose. Store out of reach from children and in a safe place where they will not fall or spill. They are best stored away from the home in a detached garage or storage shed rather than an attached garage.

·         Anti-freeze is a sweet smelling liquid that can be a killer to pets. As little as one tablespoon can make your pet sick or even be lethal to cats and small dogs. Make sure all caps are secured tightly and store in a safe place. Keep anti-freeze away from children too.

·         Do not store paints, pesticides or auto fluids in old food containers. These containers might leak causing fumes resulting is breathing and respiratory problems, burns and fire hazards.

·         Propane is highly combustible. Propane containers and anything that uses propane should be stored away from the home in a detached garage, shed or outbuilding. It is not safe to store propane in your attached garage.

·         Ice-melt mixtures and road salt can be very harmful to children and pets. Make sure these items are stored in non-spill, childproof containers. Put them in a locked closet in the garage or out of reach of children and pets.

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