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Feb 02 2012

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Featured 3-Car Garage Plan with Boat Storage – The Garage Plan Shop

3-Car Garage Plan 034G-0007Here’s a 3-car garage plan that has more to offer than meets the eye. The stylish exterior is graced with tiered gables and a siding façade. Behind each of three overhead garage doors, extra deep parking bays accommodate boat storage and the oversized vehicle used to pull the boat to the lake or river. Fisherman and boating enthusiasts will love knowing everything is in one place. Use the extra parking bay for storage of lifejackets, fishing poles or other watercrafts like a pair of canoes or kayaks. Delivering 1068 square feet of usable space, this boat storage garage plan is practical and accommodating. Find out more about this garage plan.

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Dec 29 2010

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What can a Detached Garage Plan Do for You?

008G-0003 Detached Garage PlanDetached garage plans are versatile utilitarian structures that satisfy a multitude of needs. They are an ideal addition to almost any piece of property due to their flexible nature. Furthermore, detached garages are available in a broad range of sizes and styles appealing to a diverse group of builders and buyers. From a simple 1-car garage plan to a 3-car garage with an apartment above, these practical parking shelters have plenty to offer. So what can a detached garage do for you? Consider one of The Garage Plan Shop’s garage floor plans or garage apartment plans for one or a combination of these purposes:


  • Sheltered parking for the family cars
  • Storage space for basement or attic overflow
  • Workshop for the family handyman
  • Boat storage
  • Storage for “water toys” like kayaks, jet skis and canoes
  • Storage for lifejackets, beach towels, fishing poles, inner tubes and other water gear
  • RV storage
  • Motorcycle storage
  • Golf cart or ATV parking
  • Hobby or craft room
  • Backyard shed
  • Storage space for seasonal items like holiday decorations
  • Mechanic’s garage
  • Storage for auto parts and tools
  • Lawn and garden storage
  • A place for the kids’ sporting equipment like bikes, scooters, skateboards, helmets, ball gloves, baseball bats, hockey sticks and more
  • A place for adults to store sporting equipment, hunting gear, golf clubs and outdoor wear
  • Upper level home office, exercise room, home theater or recreation room
  • Guest or in-law suite
  • Rental property for extra income
  • Privacy for your college student
  • Living quarters for the nanny, grounds keeper, ranch hands, etc.
  • Temporary living quarters while a permanent residence is being built
  • Vacation home or weekend retreat
  • An alternative to a hunting cabin
  • Private residence for an aging relative who enjoys privacy and independence, but sometimes requires a bit of assistance


With detached garage plans, the possibilities are endless, just use your imagination.

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Sep 01 2010

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Building a Detached Garage: The Importance of Garage Plans

006G-0089 Garage PlanSometimes when homeowners and land owners decide to build a new detached garage on their property, they question the importance of buying garage plans. Some believe it is an unnecessary expense in the construction process and may try to build their garage from the simple floor plans found in magazines and project plan books or on a garage plan websites. However, the truth of the matter is stock garage plans are a vital part of the garage building process. It is important and necessary to purchase garage blueprints before construction begins. Below is a list of reasons why a new garage owner or a builder should purchase garage blueprints when building a garage.


    • Purchasing construction drawings gives the garage owner permission from the designer or architect to build the original copyrighted design without breaking copyright laws. It grants the owner legal permission to build the detached garage.
    • A set of garage blueprints in the most complete resource you and the builder will have for the entire building project.
    • Garage plans outline the garage’s complete structure from the foundation and wall framing to the roof framing, exterior finish and trim and interior layout.
    • The blueprints clearly define and illustrate what the owner expects the finished garage to look like when construction is complete.
    • Garage plans outline and describe the design you are building before construction begins providing a complete overall concept of the entire building project.
    • Garage blueprints are a necessary and useful tool in preparing the site or lot, planning the interior space, generating a building schedule or timeline and setting a budget.
    • Blueprints map the boundaries for every room or space within the structure, indicate square footage of the garage and any finished spaces, and depict major elements on the floor plan such as finished rooms, bathrooms/half baths, doorways, windows and stairs when required. If you also want to utilize water treatment systems for your home from the fleck dealers, you should also take note of important details such as the Filtersmart shipping and returns policy, for example. If you have an old heating unit you want to install in your garage, you may first have it inspected or serviced by a heater repair technician. After years of reliable use, your old water heater may be showing signs of decline, and it might be time to consider a water heater replacement indianapolis for improved efficiency and performance.
    • Garage plans depict changes in elevations. Interior elevations may reflect a staircase to an upper floor loft or studio apartment. Exterior elevations will depict how the garage will sit on the lot relative to the grade of the land such as a garage designed for a sloping lot or a drive-under garage.
    • Floor plans provide a “map” and call attention to consideration for any special elements such as a covered porch, bathroom, living quarters or an attached carport.
    • Because designers of pre-drawn garage plans create floor plans with many of today’s most requested features in mind, they are a smart and less expensive alternative to drawing a custom garage plan from scratch. These plans provide most of the features you are looking for at a fraction of the cost.
  • Various pre-drawn blueprint packages (CAD files and reproducible masters) come with a copyright release allowing the owner to work with a professional designer or qualified custom homes builder to make changes to the original copyrighted plan, further accommodating specific needs. To get a better visualization of the design, you may use a sketchup rendering plugin.


If you are considering building a new garage, take some time to review the importance of purchasing garage plans. For further information about buying garage plans and blueprints, take some time to review all the helpful information in The Garage Plan Shop’s resource section.

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