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Dec 14 2010

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Building a Garage: You May Need to Hire These Professionals

Builder/ContractorIf you have decided to build a detached garage in your backyard, beside your home or on another piece of property, it is necessary to understand, this is not a simple project. Unless you have all the specific skills required for the building project, you will probably need to hire an experienced builder, contractor or a variety of professionals skilled in the various building trades. Before you decide to hire any contractor, we recommend to visit website and conduct a background check to assure security at home.

Below is a list of the skilled professionals you may need to hire to build your new detached garage.


·         Excavator

·         Commercial concrete contractor

·         Carpenter

·         Roofer

·         Electrician for wirings and EV charger installations (Read more here)

·         Plumber like Dean’s Plumbing

·         Stone mason or dairy brick repair contractor

·         Drywall contractor

·         Garage door contractor


Depending on how much of the interior finishing and decorating you plan to do yourself (if necessary), you may need to hire other professionals to finish the interior including any finished spaces such as an office, bathroom or driveway with concrete sealer ireland for the fixes, it’s best to hire professional Residential concrete work services for assistance from Concrete Patio Pavers.


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