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Dec 19 2017

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Why Choose The Garage Plan Shop?

Whether you are hiring a contractor or doing the work yourself, when it comes to choosing a plan for a garage, carport, barn or outbuilding, The GaragePlanShop is the place to shop for blueprints. The website offers a multitude of plans drawn by residential designers and architects from all over the USA and Canada. Use the advanced search to browse the collection of plans by architectural style overall dimensions, or other criteria to find plans that suit your needs. Save them in your favorites for later consideration. There is even a gallery of photos from completed plans to pique your imagination.


Take your time to window shop from the comfort of your home computer. Each plan page offers detailed information about that specific garage and provides pricing for available blueprint packages. If you find a design that is close to what you need, but it’s not quite what you want, submit a modification request and receive a free quote to modify the plan to suit your needs. If you prefer to start from scratch, a custom design service is offered.


For those who have never built a garage or accessory structure, take some time to review the FAQs and resources to learn about stock blueprints, the building process and other pertinent information that will assist you throughout the building process.


With plans available for garages, garage apartments, outbuildings, sheds, barns, pool houses, workshops and carports, you are sure to find something to suit your needs and compliment your present home and structures.  So don’t limit yourself, take a look at, and discover a plan that will accommodate your needs.

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Sep 13 2012

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How Can I Find a Garage Plan to Meet My Specific Criteria? – The Garage Plan Shop

Garage Plan 057G-0002If you’ve decided you want to build a new detached garage, chances are you probably have a general idea about the type of garage you want to build. Our simple search tool and our advanced search tool can help you find garage plans that will meet your specific criteria. Simply enter your required features and criteria and the website will do all the work for you. By using either search tool, the website will narrow down the possible choices and display only those that include the specific criteria you selected. TIP: When entering your search criteria consider the overall dimensions of your lot and enter a width and depth that will fit on your lot. Likewise if you are looking for special features such as a loft or living space, choose the appropriate garage plan style.


In some cases you may find a garage plan that is close to what you need, but it isn’t quite perfect. If you find a garage that satisfies the majority of your needs, you can complete and submit a modification request form to get a free quote for the changes you will need to make your selected garage plan perfect. Our modification team will provide a quote within a couple of business days. At that time, you’ll also receive information about ordering plans with your specified modifications should you decide to move forward.

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Aug 31 2011

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Choosing the Best Garage Plan for Your Needs – The Garage Plan Shop

Garage Plan 010G-0004When it comes to building a detached garage plan, choosing the right one can be a bit overwhelming. With hundreds of designs available online, how do you know which one will be best for you? The Garage Plan Shop has a few tips to help you begin your search for the right garage blueprint and then narrow down your choices to find exactly the right one.


    1. Know what you are looking for and consider what type of garage you need. What is your lot size? What how many bays do you need? What do you plan to store/park inside? Do you need extra storage space?
    1. Use the search tool on the website to narrow the selection based on the maximum width and depth of your lot or property to find only those plans that will fit in the allotted space.
    1. From these results, eliminate the plans you don’t want. If you are only looking for a 2-car garage, eliminate everything else with more or less bays.
    1. Now check the elevations of the remaining plans. Try to picture each garage on your property and how it will look with your house or any other surrounding buildings. Eliminate any designs that do not have the “look” you desire.
    1. Now review the floor plans and pay attention to traditional elements like the overhead door arrangements and special features. Does it matter to you if you have one large overhead door or do you prefer two smaller ones? Would it be helpful to have a half bath, workbench or storage closet in the garage. Consider the pros and cons of the features each remaining garage plan offers. Eliminate any that don’t get your attention.
  1. With the few remaining garage plans, determine which garage plan has the right look, roofing style, and features that will best accommodate your needs and select the one you like most.


With these handy tips you’ll be on your way to selecting the garage plan that will best satisfy your needs.

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Apr 15 2010

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Choosing an RV Garage Plan for RV and Motorhome Owners

033G-0016 RV Garage PlanAttention RV owners! The advantages of having an RV garage are obvious. Like cars, trucks, motorcycles and other motor vehicles, RVs, campers and motorhomes are not immune to the elements. Parking your RV in a garage purposely designed and built for it will definitely keep your recreational vehicle in good shape for years to come. Face it, RVs are a serious investment, and it is important to protect them in the best way possible. You can do it with RV garages plans! The Garage Plan Shop recommends considering these items before choosing an RV garage plan for your home away from home.


·         Determine the overall size of the RV you wish to accommodate – width, length and height. What size garage doors will you need? How deep should the RV bay be? How tall should the ceiling be?

·         Determine the size of your lot or the area of your backyard where you plan to build the garage. This will give you a guild line when considering the overall width and depth of RV garage plans.

·         Is the location where you plan to build accessible? Will you need to extend the driveway? Will you be able to pull the RV in and out of the garage safely and easily?

·         Because RV garages are taller than a standard garage, make note of any overhead power lines, telephone lines, etc. that may pose a problem.

·         Do you want your RV garage to offer another function? Consider extra features that may accommodate other needs like a storage space, half or full bath, workshop or work bench.

·         Do you want the RV bay to be attached to a standard garage for car storage?

·         If your lot is large enough, consider the convenience of a drive-thru RV garage featuring overhead doors at the front and back of the RV bay, which allow you to pull right thru the garage rather than hassling with backing in or out of the garage.

·         Check with your building department to find out if there are any building codes or restrictions that might influence the selection you make when choosing your garage plan.


After considering these ideas, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the RV garage plan that is right for you.

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Sep 23 2009

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Checklist: Building a Garage

Garage Plan 051G-0005If you are considering building a detached garage, this checklist will be a handy tool for you. It lists many of the items, features and topics of concern that you should consider or research before choosing a garage plan and/or beginning construction. Review the below list and make note of the items that you need to think more about, make decisions about or research with your local building department and or builder. Your builders will also tell you which materials to buy like lumber, steel, shell stone tile for sale, etc. and where you can find a scaffolding rental if your detached garage is multi-storey. If you also work with an interior designer, they can discuss decor ideas and flooring options such as wood, vinyl, and bamboo flooring. If you are looking for a more durable material, oak flooring from Barham and Sons is also a good choice.


Does your city/municipality have any restrictions on the size, height or roof pitch of the detached garage?

Do you need building permits?

Where do you apply for the building permits?

How much will the permits cost?

What size garage will your yard or lot accommodate?

How much space do you need for parking and/or storage?

Do you need extra storage space, a workshop or a loft?

What items do you wish to accommodate? Cars? Boat? RV? Riding mower? Other items?

Do you have an oversized vehicle? How deep must the garage bay be to accommodate it?

What roof style do you prefer?

What architectural style blends best with your home?

What ceiling/wall height do you need or prefer?

What type of wall framing do you prefer? Or does your city/municipality require a particular type of wall framing?

How many overhead garage doors do you prefer?

What style garage doors do you want?

What size overhead doors do you need? (Note the size of vehicles and other items you want to store.)

Do you want windows?

Will one or more service entries be handy or necessary? How many? Where should they be located?

Will you need extra electrical outlets or lighting inside the garage? For what purpose?

Could you use a half or full bath?

How do you plan to use the garage several years in the future? Will your needs be the same or will they change?


While there are many more things to consider before building a detached garage, this handy checklist will help you get you started and point you in the right direction when it is time to purchase your garage plans.

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