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Apr 24 2018

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From Simple to Sublime – Garage Plans Offered by The Garage Plan Shop

Garage Plan 050G-0015From the simple to the sublime, The Garage Plan Shop, has it all for discerning homeowners who need to add to their abode. Let’s start with the simple. Plan 050G-0015 is a one-car traditional garage with 288 square feet of parking and a 9’ ceiling. If all you need to do is keep one car safe from the elements, this plan will fit the bill. Or, maybe your vehicle is already accommodated with an attached garage and you need more space for all the extras like lawn equipment and tools. This plan is still right for you.  But wait, of course, there’s more.


With the quick search feature, you can choose garages that have from one to four or more garage bays. There are drive-thru garage plans, plans that will hold RVs and boats, garages with carports, and many other styles. Check out garage plans with loft space and flex space and apartments. You can have your workshop or exercise room and provide a nifty apartment for family or boarders. Plus, the multitude of architectural styles makes it easy to compliment your house.

Garage Plan 035G-0018Check out the fanciful design of garage plan 035G-0018. This unique design offers 2190 sq ft of garage space and 2045 sq ft of heated living space. The garage bays are deep enough for boat storage, so take advantage and locate this beauty on the water. With an outdoor living room, covered porches, pergola, decks, pool and spa, it’s easy to overlook the stunning open interior design. Features include a kitchen island, a great room with a two-story ceiling, a second-floor deck, interior stairs and plenty of storage. You will need to hire professional builders, commercial roofing contractors, plumbing contractors, and electricians to build your detached garage with living spaces. For your plumbing fixtures, you may visit a plumbing accessory showroom and pick out the ones that will fit the style of your home or detached garage. If you’re experiencing low water pressure water heater in your home, call in a plumber to accurately diagnose the issue and recommend appropriate solutions to restore proper water pressure.

The Garage Plan Shop offers plans that can help you take a shade tree mechanic’s hobby to a full-time business. Garage plans are available with multiple bays, offices, rest rooms, party rooms, decks, and of course lots of storage solutions for more than just vehicles. Meet your family’s needs by expanding with one of the many plans we have to offer!

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Oct 01 2015

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Pros and Cons of Building with Detached Garage Plans

001G-0002 Detached Garage PlanDo you need extra parking or a sheltered storage space? Are you considering building a detached garage? Why not have a trusted professional paving and asphalt maintenance company like the tampa paving company swing by and install a beautiful new driveway for your home? Below are some of the pros and cons of building a detached garage. However you  must take into consideration that even though it is dethatched, it is still part of the entire home so make sure you take the proper steps for maintenance like high pressure cleaning the driveway or calling in residential paving services for when your driveway becomes way to cracked and if it needs sealcoating.



·         Most stock garage plans are of high quality and provide all the information you’ll need to build the garage with the exception of local requirements due to regional and climactic factors. Some are even available with material lists for an extra charge.

·         With sturdy doors and quality locks, a garage offers a secure and dry place to park the cars plus store other items in most cases. You can add cabinets and shelves to accommodate tools, outdoor toys, lawn and garden supplies, etc. Some garages even offer an unfinished loft above or another storage space, such as a closet, to handle basement and attic overflow.

·         Garage floor plans easily offer wall spaces for adding hooks and racks designed to hold everything from the family bikes and leaf rakes to jackets and sporting equipment.

·         Unlike an open-sided carport, garage plans deliver four walls (if you include the garage door wall) providing complete protection from the sun, hail, wind, snow and rain ensuring your automobiles are safe no matter what weather Mother Nature brings.

·         With four walls and no opening, garage plans keep small animals and pests away from your car that might otherwise to crawl up inside if the car were parked in a carport or on an open driveway. If this happens, don’t hesitate to call your local pest control services.

·         Garage floor plans provide an opportunity to convert the unfinished space to usable living space should you have a need to do so in the future.



·         Building a garage plan can be an expensive project when compared to a carport.

·         Garage plans take much longer to build than a simple carport.

·         In most cases, you’ll have to follow quite a few rules when it comes to building codes and local building regulations.

·         You may be required to obtain a building permit in order to build a detached garage. You might also have to schedule regular inspections with the property inspection mount annan, throughout the construction process. Check with your local building department to find out what will be required.


If you have the money, space and extra time to build a garage verses a carport, it may be well to your advantage to build a sturdy structure that provides protection on all sides, locked doors, a dry interior and plenty of room for parking and storage.


Visit The Garage Plan Shop to find the right detached garage plan for you.

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Mar 24 2015

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4 Things to Consider When Building a Detached Garage – The Garage Plan Shop

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Garage Plan 025G-0005Are you planning on building a detached garage? Great! Detached garages have much to offer in terms of parking, storage, and other uses not to mention they will add value to your home. But before you begin the building process, there are a few things you should consider about the overall structure of your desired garage which you can make stand from others by using printed concrete as decoration. If you need some reliable contractors who are dedicated to keeping concrete structures well-maintained, then you can visit a site like for more info! The list below will help you with the planning process for your new garage.

  1. Consider zoning – Take some time to check with your building department regarding zoning laws in your area. Some cities, counties and communities have size limitations for accessory structures such as a detached garage, when getting your project build up, consider the help from experts like the building contractors  custom home builder with affordable building services. Additionally, there may be height restrictions or special requirements for the types of materials that can be used to finish the exterior of your garage (i.e. the exterior finish must match your existing home.) Finally, inquire about the location of the garage. Sometimes there are regulations regarding the placement of the garage in relation to the home and other structures on the property.
  2. Size – Consider the overall size of the garage you need. For a 1-car garage, you can estimate approximately 14’x20’. A two-car garage is approximately 20’x20’. These dimensions are just enough room for the cars. It you wish to add a workbench or storage closet or plan to have room for the lawn mower and family bikes too, you’ll need to plan for larger overall dimensions. Finally, you should consider the vehicles you own. If you drive an pickup truck or an oversized SUV, you will probably want a little extra “wiggle room” inside for your larger vehicles.
  3. Style – Take some time to consider the style of your home. You’ll want your new garage to blend with your home so choose a garage that features the same architectural styling as your home. Additionally, choose the same or similar exterior materials for your garage that were used to finish your home allowing it to look as if it was originally built with your house. In fact, here are lot of ideas resources online about diy home improvements that can make the exterior of your house eye-candy.
  4. Lot orientation – Think about your lot, the current structures on your property and how your driveway is positioned. Consider the orientation of your new garage on your lot. Does it need a concrete leveling service? Will it fit beside or behind your home and still meet zoning requirements? Will you be able to access your garage from your current driveway or will you need to pour more concrete using concrete pumping or extend the driveway? Many people prefer doing this part without the help of a paving contractor, but with the help of professional permeable pavers you’ll be able to get the job done correctly, like the block driveway paving contractors in dublin – best block paving company in dublin to work on that, but if you aren’t sure it’s in your budget you can always consult prices with a local asphalt contractor from an asphalt maintenance and concrete repair company.

With careful consideration of the overall structure of your new garage, it will be easy to choose a garage floor plan that will satisfy your needs, meet local requirements and compliment your home.

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Jun 10 2013

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6 Practical Garage Building Tips – The Garage Plan Shop

Garage Whether you’re building your dream garage or just a simple detached, 2-car garage to accommodate the growing family fleet, these garage building tips will prepare you for what is to come while helping to ensure the building experience is exciting and enjoyable. Building a garage is a substantial investment that will add functionality to your lifestyle and enhance the value of your home. Follow our garage building tips to achieve success. If you want some extra funding for this project, you can earn some quick cash through playing on sites like

      1. Select the best location. It is necessary to position the garage on your property in the best location to accommodate your needs. Measure the overall size of the available space so you can choose a plan that will fit within the parameters of your backyard or the available and useable space.
      1. Choose a qualified builder. Not everyone who calls themselves a builder is a qualified builder. Take some time to research builders to ensure you’re hiring a qualified and professional builder who can handle the job. You will also need to find qualified earthworks southern contractors to prepare the site of your garage before the construction begins. Check with family members and friends who have built in the past and ask for recommendations. Interview potential builders and get a feel for their work ethic, construction methods and overall character. After all, you’ll have to work with this person from start to finish, so it is necessary that you hire someone reliable who you can communicate with and trust with your investment. Finally, ask for proof of insurance. Also make sure that the builders are well-aware of important details such as commercial two way radio regulations in order to make the construction process much more efficient.
      1. Establish a budget and stick to it. Whether you are getting a construction loan from the bank or you’re financing the building project yourself, it is important that you know your budget and stick to it, and if you need a better credit for this, you can totally use resources for credit repair which can totally help with this. Plan ahead by pricing out material and labor costs for the structure and roofing installation. You can get in touch with Resolve Roofing to work on your roofing system.

        Liquid roof coating is a popular choice for roof protection and restoration due to its seamless application and ability to seal cracks and leaks effectively. The benefits of liquid roof coating include superior protection against water damage, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions, extending the lifespan of the roof while reducing maintenance costs.

        If you wish to add extra amenities, make a list and arrange them by preference so if you can only afford one or two special “extras” you’ll be spending your money on the ones you really want or need instead of the ones you could have lived without. Also, be careful when it comes to upgrades. Adding too many upgrades will blow your budget quickly. If a particular garage door will satisfy your needs, there is no need to upgrade to the one with all the bells and whistles. Save the extra money you might have spent on the door and put it toward something you really want, such as a half bath or workbench. To have more funds for your project, you can earn some quick cash through sports betting or playing online casino games on W88.

      1. Establish a timeframe and prepare for delays. Before construction begins, talk with your builder or general contractor to establish a timeframe for construction. A garage is not built in a day and there are a lot of things that need to be coordinated and arranged to keep things running smoothly. Once a timeframe is established, work with your builder and subcontractors to stick to the schedule. Additionally, expect and plan for delays. Delays occur with nearly every construction project. Plan for the possibility of inclement weather, shortage of materials and labor problems. If you plan for them, when one of these situations arises, you won’t be nearly as surprised or frustrated with the delay. Being prepared and flexible will reduce stress at the jobsite. For instances that may require custom rubber parts to allow the construction process to be efficient, you can contact a well-known rubber parts manufacturing company to supply the required parts for you.
      1. Avoid changes. Once construction begins, avoid making changes. Try to stick to the blueprints and your original construction plan. Changes can be costly and cause delays. Avoiding changes will keep you on schedule and on budget. If you think you’re a little low on your budget for projects like this, companies like that short term loan provider based in the UK can be quite helpful.
    1. Monitor progress. Getting involved in the building process is one of the easiest ways to monitor progress. Additionally, active involvement helps prevent construction delays. Once you have established a construction timeline with your contractor, keep a close eye on the work being done and the progress being made. Talk with your builder regularly and ask for updates on progress. Safely walk around the jobsite and observe for yourself what progress is being made. If something doesn’t look or seem right or if something is taking too long, ask your builder about it. It is necessary to work out any glitches are problems as soon as you notice them.

The construction process will be more enjoyable and a more exciting experience if you are prepared for what to expect throughout the building process and if you make careful decisions. If you are planning to build a new garage in your backyard or on another piece of property, these helpful tips will help you be ready for what some of the things you’ll encounter in the building process.

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Jan 15 2013

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3 Tips to Control Garage Building Costs – The Garage Plan Shop

New ConstructionWhen building a new garage, one of the most important things you can do is control your building budget. With careful planning, you’ll be able to stay on budget. Custom-Built Garage Builders will help you build your garage and work within your budget limits. If you need contractors who are cheap and good at what they do, check the construction company dublin website using the link. But be aware, there are many things that may cause you to overspend such as beginning without a budget, making changes during construction, and poor craftsmanship.


1. Often, homeowners who are planning to build a new detached garage need to obtain a loan from a financial institution. This requires careful planning of the building budget up front. Start by estimating how much things are going to cost. Visit a few local lumberyards to find out what materials are available in your area and which ones will best satisfy your needs for your building project. Begin planning your budget by starting with the essential construction elements first such as lumber, roofing elements and foundation materials. If you want a residential roof inspection, roof repair, or roof replacement, a good roofing contractors like the ones from the residential roofing Cleveland services will be delighted to offer you with a quick and free estimate. Ask about buying materials in bulk as many lumberyards will offer nice discounts when materials for the entire project are bought at one time. This tactic can save quite a bit of money. While at the lumberyards, compare budget and luxury items. For example, compare a name brand light fixture with a budget fixture. If both are visually appealing, come with a good warranty, and serve the same purpose, choose the budget item. This is another easy way to slash your material costs tremendously. Using methods like those mentioned above will help you save money, and following your established building budget will help you complete the project without overspending.


2. Next, review your garage plans carefully and discuss the entire design your contractor before construction begins. This includes the floor plan, fixtures, special elements, etc. If you haven’t planned elements such as a floor plan just yet, it’s advisable to hire professionals who offer affordable floor plan services and excel at doing so. Be sure your builder understands how you plan to use the garage as the purpose of the garage may influence some of the construction details or finished elements that are included. It is important to have every detail worked out with the builder or subcontractors ahead of time. Once construction begins, making changes to the garage (either inside or out), can become very costly in a hurry. When changes are made during construction, it often requires the builder to redo or tear down some portion of the structure that was already complete or near completion causing a waste of time, materials, labor and money.  


3. Lastly, while you cannot be control the local labor costs, you can control who you choose to do build your new garage. Interview potential builders, visit jobsites where the builder has worked in the past, ask to see the builder’s credentials, and ask for references from past clients. Researching the builder you hire (and the subcontractors) will help you choose the most qualified and skilled builder you can afford. Your new garage is a major investment that will complement your home or property. You don’t want to ruin the experience of building a new garage with poor craftsmanship. If you end up hiring an inexperienced builder or subcontractors, it is likely you’ll run it to problems quickly. Poor craftsmanship means you’ll be spending more later to repair things that were not properly built, constructed or installed during the construction of your garage. 

Following these tips will help you control your building costs when building a new garage plan.

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