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Dec 20 2018

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Small but Functional 1-Car Garage Plans – The Garage Plan Shop

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Detached, one-car garage plans are designed to offer sheltered parking and storage. They are available in a wide range of architectural styles and many offer special extras like loft storage, a workshop and more. Check out these five notable one-car garage plans and don’t forget to visit to get more information about new garage design tips as well as garage door springs services!

1-Car Garage Plan 062G-0090062G-0090: This charming one-car garage plan looks like station from a model train setup. Its attractiveness is more than skin deep. With a 10’x8’ garage door it is easy to pull your car in and out of the garage. It’s also suitable for use as a storage shed or workshop. What a great addition to any landscape.

1-Car Garage Plan 078G-0008078G-0008: Check out this single car garage plan. It serves it purpose to protect your vehicle plus it has a handy covered side porch. You can make use of the covered area for parking your lawn mower, wheel barrow and garden cart. Or pull up some chairs and create your very own grilling porch, a great place to spend a summer evening.

1-Car Garage Plan 028G-0059028G-0059: Here’s a modern one-car garage plan that will protect a single vehicle and then some. A protected service entrance leads to a great space to store your lawn equipment or add a workbench. Windows on each side of the building and one over the door, help to admit natural light into this space.

1-Car Garage Plan 010G-0005010G-0005: Take a look at this neat one-car garage plan with workshop. Windows on each of three sides let natural light onto the U-shaped workshop area with workbench. A covered front porch accommodates a chair for taking a needed break from working, plus a stoop on the back provides a place to exit with completed projects. The one-car garage is perfect for storing a car, golf cart or pair of motorcycles.

1-Car Garage Plan 051G-0095051G-0095: Simple but effective, this detached, one-car garage plan not only protects your vehicle, it provides a great space for a workbench on the side. Enter through the service entrance and you are set for tinkering on the multitude of projects that crop up in your DIY life. Or add some storage shelves along the left wall for storing auto necessities like extra window washer fluid, mechanics tools, or a bucket and sponge for a good ‘ole fashioned car wash. Ready to buy your own car to put these garage ideas to life? You can find more info here.

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Nov 08 2013

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Featured Garage Workshop Plan Perfect for Dad – The Garage Plan Shop

Garage Workshop Plan 010G-0005Once the car is parked, Dad may never leave the garage. Attached to the one-car bay, is his own man cave getaway. Easily accessed from a covered porch, there is also a convenient back door entry for rolling in the lawnmower, bicycle or garden tiller that needs to be tinkered with. A wrap-around work bench organizes tools or pending projects. Three windows provide natural light for tying flies, sanding bookends, or rewiring a lamp. Whatever his interests, Dad will find plenty of space to explore them in the 186 square foot workshop. The garage itself has a high ceiling that could be utilized for parking, storage or to accommodate that really big project. Can you say, “entertainment center” or ”’57 Chevy?” View more details about this one-car garage workshop plan.

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Jul 02 2013

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Featured 1-Car Garage Plan with Modern Styling – The Garage Plan Shop

1-Car Garage Plan 028G-0054Clean lines and simple styling give this featured, 1-car garage plan plenty of modern curb appeal. It will blend neatly with many modern homes. A single overhead door opens to 480 square feet of parking space, just right for storing one car or a couple of motorcycles. Hobbyists might even use this garage as a workshop or art studio. Furthermore, this single-car garage is the right size for use as a storage shed in your backyard providing plenty of room for the riding mower and other lawn and garden tools and supplies. A front-entry service door lends convenience, and two windows fill the interior with natural light. This detached garage is 20’x24’ overall and is designed with 2×6 exterior walls and a monolithic slab foundation. Add parking or storage to your backyard and complement your contemporary home with this modern 1-car garage plan. Please view plan 028G-0054 for floor plans and additional details. For more plans like this one, please browse our entire collection of 1-car garage plans.

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Jan 13 2010

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Versatile 1-Car Garage Plan for your Backyard

028G-0002 1-Car Garage PlanNeed extra storage space in your backyard? Take a look at this 1-car garage plan. Its simple design and siding exterior allow it to blend well with almost any home. A flexible design, the 336 square foot parking area is ideal for a single car, a pair of motorcycles or ATVs or even a golf cart. If lawn and garden storage is what you need, consider this 1-car garage as a storage shed offering a great place to keep the lawn mower, garden hoses, the leaf blower, rakes and more. Or perhaps your kids have an abundance of outdoor toys. This design easily accommodates bikes, skateboards, helmets, and sports equipment. Simple and stylish, this detached garage plan is worth taking a second look.


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Oct 15 2009

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The Basics about 1 Car Garage Plans

Garage Plan 033G-0012As its name suggests, a 1-car garage plan or single-car garage is designed to provide sheltered parking for one car. Floor plans are available in a wide range of styles and sizes ensuring you’ll find just the right one to complement your home and fit your lot. Various rooflines such as gable, reverse gable or hip rooflines top these detached structures delivering greater variation in style and design. Furthermore, sometimes special extras such as a storage space, workbench, attached workshop or second floor loft are available adding to the practicality and functionality of single-car garage plans. Some even offer extra storage space perfect for the lawn mower, gardening tools, the kids’ bikes or other items. Typically, 1-car garage plans are designed with windows and a service entry for easy access.


But don’t be fooled. There are many other possibilities for a 1-car garage other than parking the family car. A single-car garage plan can also be used for a garden shed, storage shed, workshop, hobby room or craft area. With a little imagination and the right accessories such as storage cabinets, a planting table, workbench or counter, a 1-car garage can transform into a building that satisfies another purpose. No matter how you plan to use the garage, chances are you’ll find the perfect one to accommodate your needs.


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