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Oct 01 2015

Weekend Warrior Fall Checklist – The Garage Plan Shop

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Fishing BoatHey weekend warriors! The official start of fall is fast approaching and winter won’t be too far behind. Get ready for winter with this checklist of maintenance and projects:

  • Clean or store patio furniture in the garage, shed, or basement. Make sure that the garage or shed doesn’t have any pests that could damage the furniture. If you suspect that your garage or shed has pests, consider calling exterminator lafayette in.
  • Winterize the boat after your last fishing expedition or trip to the lake.
  • Clean up the lawn mower and winterize it.
  • Fertilize the lawn. Look for a lawn fertilizer program suitable for your yard.
  • Hang holiday lights while the weather is still nice.
  • Clean gutters anFaucet Coverd clear debris before winter weather arrives.
  • Gather, inspect and prepare hunting gear for the fall and winter hunting seasons.
  • Plant spring-blooming bulbs.
  • Divide perennials.
  • Mulch trees and shrubs to protect them from harsh winter weather.
  • Turn off outdoor faucets; drain and store hoses.
  • In case of drainage clogging, contact a local drain cleaning service for expert assistance.
  • Clean grill and cover or store for winter.
  • Hire patios limerick contractors to seal cracks in the driveway, sidewalks and patio before freezing temperatures arrive.
  • Buy winter supplies such as snow shovels, ice melt, and ice scrapers.

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