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Nov 19 2019

Tips for Heating Your Garage – The Garage Plan Shop

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Wood Stove

A garage isn’t just a garage any more.  For many of us, this space doubles as an exercise room, workshop or hobby room.  If you are frozen out of your garage in the winter, here a few tips to consider:

  1. Insulate and finish the walls and ceiling just as you would any other room in your home.  Insulation can also be installed on some types of overhead doors.  Insulation is also crucial so if you have any doubts get some professional loft insulation installers around to have a look and see what they can do as it will likely save you a lot of money.
  2. If you have windows, make sure they are sealed and install shades or blinds to help insulate against cold air when the sun isn’t shining.
  3. Consider a heat source, Then be aware that you do not have to settle for standard and boring radiators any more as there are incredible designer radiators that you can buy online which look a million times better. You may be able to tie into the existing system in your home or rely on a portable heater powered by electricity or propane.  There are systems that even heat from ceiling panels.  Perhaps a wood burning stove could fit the bill if space and local codes allow. 

For some people, the garage is like a home away from home, a place to get things done, make repairs and start new projects. If you live in Canada or UK, however, the garage can get pretty cold in the winter – unless, of course, you have a radiator. If it’s an eyesore, you can get modern radiator covers to make it look better. An unheated garage can be an uncomfortable place to have a workshop. When it’s cold outside, you’ll spend as much time trying to stay warm as you do working on your projects. Besides that, having to bundle up can seriously impede your ability to work as productively as possible.

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