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May 07 2014

More Ideas to Enjoy the Great Outdoors – The Garage Plan Shop

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Enjoy the Great OutdoorsThe Garage Plan Shop made a New Year’s resolution to enjoy the great outdoors in 2014, and we invited you to do the same. In January we posted a list of ideas for fun and interesting things to do outdoors. Below is another list of ideas to help you renew your commitment to getting outside and enjoying everything around you.

    • Catch lightning bugs with your kids on a summer night.
    • Take your kids for a nighttime walk around your neighborhood with flashlights.
    • Visit local outdoor attractions such as the zoo, a botanical garden, or a natural area.
    • Plan a road trip and stop at national monuments, historic sites and other points of interest along the way.
    • Visit a Civil War battle field.
    • Drive one of America’s scenic highways or byways.
    • Visit a nearby park several times throughout the year and observe how it changes as the seasons change.
    • Learn to identify native trees, flowers and shrubs.
    • Learn to identify native birds and those that migrate and only visit your area seasonally.
    • Plan a weekend camping trip like overnight camps with your kids or friends to a new campground.
    • Schedule a weekly outing with other friends and take your kids to the park for a picnic and to play on the playground. Don’t forget to check if the playground has Wetpour Maintenance, ensuring a safe and clean play environment for everyone.
    • Fly a kite.
    • Stargaze on a clear night and learn to identify some of the constellations.
    • Take a boating safety class.
    • Take a class to learn about a new outdoor recreational activity like rock climbing, archery with a little knowledge about types of bow case or scuba diving.
    • Take your kids apple picking, strawberry picking, to the pumpkin patch, etc.
    • Take in Mother Nature’s display of fall colors in a city, state, or town you’ve never visited.
    • Enjoy winter sports with your kids like skiing, sledding and ice skating.
    • Take your kids horseback riding.
    • Hike a new trail once a month.
    • Teach a child about an outdoor sport you love.
    • Participate in a charity event or fundraiser such as a walk or fun run.
  • Get involved in a neighborhood beautification project such as picking up litter along roadways or planting flowers at a community garden.

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