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Apr 02 2010

Multi-Purpose Outbuildings Accommodate Many Needs

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012B-0002 Outbuilding PlansOutbuilding plans are freestanding structures designed to accommodate a broad range of needs and satisfy many different uses. This collection of floor plans includes storage sheds, workshops, machine and equipment sheds, barns and stables. Typically, they can be one or two levels and range in style and size. Large outbuildings are commonly built on farms, ranches and other big tracts of land for storage of machines and other equipment that could be used on a farm such as a tractor. Smaller designs like sheds and workshops are often used for hobbies and storage of smaller items like lawn and gardening equipment. Stables and barns offer features necessary for taking care of horses and other livestock such as stalls, feeding areas and tack rooms. No matter the type of outbuilding, all floor plans are outfitted with the types of doors and entries necessary to accommodate the function or particular use each plan was designed for such as overhead garage doors, sliding doors and service entries. Some outbuildings incorporate thoughtful extras like a full or half bath, loft, or living quarters for farm hands. Take some time to browse the outbuilding plans and other garages found at The Garage Plan Shop.

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