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Nov 28 2012

Tips: Avoid Hazards of Wintry Conditions – The Garage Plan Shop

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Icy SidewalkWinter is almost here. Now is the time to make yourself aware of winter hazards and the precautions you can take around your home, garage and neighborhood to stay safe this winter. With winter usually come snow and ice hazards. Be very careful during snowy and icy weather. Below are some tips to help you avoid injury due to wintry conditions:

    1. Stay indoors if possible when snow and ice accumulates.
    1. If a snow or ice storm strikes during the overnight hours, try to alter your morning schedule. Don’t hurry of to work or school before plowing has been completed.
    1. Walk slowly and use railings when available during icy weather. If there is no railing, try walking in the snow instead of directly over icy patches on sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and streets.
    1. If you must go out in the ice and snow wear boots with good traction to help you walk safely. There’s plenty of high-quality winter boots available at Altitude Sports.
  1. Be alert for “black ice” on driveways, porches, sidewalks and streets. This is a thin layer of invisible ice that can form on concrete and other flat surfaces. You may think the sidewalk or driveway is clear and then step on black ice and slip. Check for black ice on walking surfaces and pavement if you see or know there was precipitation while experiencing freezing temperatures.

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