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Feb 25 2020

Securing Loads – The Garage Plan Shop

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Securing the Load

No doubt about it, moving things yourself can save you money. Nobody wants to be “that guy” that has items flying out of the back of a truck on the highway. Below are some things to consider to have a safe and successful move.

First things first. You will want to make sure your vehicle is in fine working order. This includes proper tire inflation, including a working spare. Check the brake lights, signals and hazards.  Review your vehicle’s manual for load capacity. Inspect hitches, pins and chains and make sure that you are following state and local safety regulations for trailers and items that are longer than your vehicle like canoes and ladders.

Loading your vehicle and securing that load is of course just plain physics, that class in school that personally I don’t remember taking. An uneven or shifting load can cause a trailer to sway or create momentum to spill out or cause one to lose vehicle control. That said, place heavy, tall items up against the cab of your truck or forward on a trailer. It is recommended that 60 percent of a load be placed forward of the axle on trailers. Don’t forget proper side mirror adjustment, and you may need extra eyes to safely back up. 

Next, comes the securing part. Try to have two tie downs for each large item. If you are using nylon straps, practice to make sure you ratchet and lock them tight. Ropes work fine, but it helps to have serious knotting skills, and remember that some ropes will stretch as the weight pulls against them. Trying to cover a load with a tarp or blanket can be tricky but if you are hauling trash or brush, you may need something to hold it down.

Finally, take a test drive around the block, readjust and plan your route. Try to pick the road untaken where there is less stress of traffic. Try to keep your speed under 50 mph and take turns and bumps slowly.

Good luck!

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