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Oct 27 2010

The Garage Plan Shop: Building a Garage, Primary Steps of the Construction Process

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If you are planning to build a detached garage, it is important to realize it is not a simple project. It is necessary to have an understanding of the overall project and the main points of the construction process, you may visit a reliable site like for further information. This list will help you familiarize yourself with the main steps of the building process for when you contact contractors looking for Hiring construction jobs.


1.    Clear and excavate the lot removing trees, shrubbery, grass and top soil.

2.    Prepare the excavated site for the foundation by digging a hole to pour the foundation. You can also consult experts from sites such as to know what else to prepare.

3.    Build the form for the footings and concrete.

4.    Pour the concrete mix on the footings and floor.

5.    Frame the walls.

6.    Construct the roof and finish with shingles or preferred roofing material.

7.    Install garage door(s), service doors(s) and windows.

8.    Add exterior finishes such as vinyl siding.

9.    Install ventilation, electricity and plumbing.

10.  Install vapor barrier and residential insulation.

11.  Install drywall.

12.  Prime and paint interior if desired.

13.  Have a concrete sealing or install floor covering if desired

14.  Add organizational features such as shelving units and cabinets.

15.  Landscape lot.

Bonus tip: If you want to have a unique yet affordable exterior with an awesome coat of paint, you can learn more on this site.

Please note: Some of the steps listed above may happen simultaneously instead of separately.

Reviewing and understanding the primary steps of the construction process will help you get started building your new garage, and if you want to find more about the construction process, you may learn more here. For more information about building a detached garage, check out The Garage Plan Shop’s resource page.

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