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Jul 28 2010

Do Pre-Drawn Garage Plans Include an Electrical Layout?

Electrical WiringIt is common for potential garage owners to ask questions about the detached garage plans they are considering before purchasing them. Frequently, future garage owners and builders ask if pre-drawn garage plans, like those found at The Garage Plan Shop, include an electrical layout in the blueprints. In most cases, but not all, the construction drawings will include a simple electrical plan. It can often be found on the floor plan page(s) in the blueprints or on a separate sheet contained within the construction drawings.

According to sites like, In most instances, blueprints that do include a simple electrical plan will display suggested locations for fixtures, outlets and switches. However, a detailed wiring schematic showing exactly where to run the wiring will not be included in the simple electrical layout.

Because the electrical work in the new garage must meet local building and electrical codes, a qualified electrician will determine how and where to run the wiring in order to meet electrical codes and pass building inspections for the area where the garage is being built. Also, it is the job of an electrician to install the fixtures, outlets, switches and the electrical box in the proper locations as designated by the electrical codes in place for the municipality, city, county or township where the detached garage is being constructed. For electrical options and guidance visit Aardvark Electric`s official website.


For more information about what is included in a set of pre-drawn garage plans, please review The Garage Plan Shop’s FAQs.

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