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Sep 23 2009

Checklist: Building a Garage

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Garage Plan 051G-0005If you are considering building a detached garage, this checklist will be a handy tool for you. It lists many of the items, features and topics of concern that you should consider or research before choosing a garage plan and/or beginning construction. Review the below list and make note of the items that you need to think more about, make decisions about or research with your local building department and or builder. Your builders will also tell you which materials to buy like lumber, steel, shell stone tile for sale, etc. and where you can find a scaffolding rental if your detached garage is multi-storey. If you also work with an interior designer, they can discuss decor ideas and flooring options such as wood, vinyl, and bamboo flooring.


Does your city/municipality have any restrictions on the size, height or roof pitch of the detached garage?

Do you need building permits?

Where do you apply for the building permits?

How much will the permits cost?

What size garage will your yard or lot accommodate?

How much space do you need for parking and/or storage?

Do you need extra storage space, a workshop or a loft?

What items do you wish to accommodate? Cars? Boat? RV? Riding mower? Other items?

Do you have an oversized vehicle? How deep must the garage bay be to accommodate it?

What roof style do you prefer?

What architectural style blends best with your home?

What ceiling/wall height do you need or prefer?

What type of wall framing do you prefer? Or does your city/municipality require a particular type of wall framing?

How many overhead garage doors do you prefer?

What style garage doors do you want?

What size overhead doors do you need? (Note the size of vehicles and other items you want to store.)

Do you want windows?

Will one or more service entries be handy or necessary? How many? Where should they be located?

Will you need extra electrical outlets or lighting inside the garage? For what purpose?

Could you use a half or full bath?

How do you plan to use the garage several years in the future? Will your needs be the same or will they change?


While there are many more things to consider before building a detached garage, this handy checklist will help you get you started and point you in the right direction when it is time to purchase your garage plans.

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