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Feb 09 2011

8 Important Security Tips for your Detached Garage Plan

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006G-0014 Detached Garage PlanSecurity for a detached garage plan is often overlooked, but it is important to note that a detached garage is a great target for vandals and thieves. Whether you actually store your cars in your detached garage or not, it is very likely your garage holds plenty of other expensive tools and equipment that may be of interest to potential burglars. Below are eight tips to help you keep your detached garage and everything inside it safe and secure.


1.    Make sure your garage door is in good working condition, take care of any garage door repair needs before it is too late. Check the garage door for cracks, loose panels, broken window panes and other damaged areas. If you need to get your doors repaired, you may hire a garage door repair company for garage door repair services as soon as possible before someone discovers these weak points and pries the garage door open.

2.    Lock doors and windows when you are not in the garage. Hiring a topnotch commercial locksmith to provide you with quality locks on all doors and windows will deter potential break-ins. You may also want to consider creating more sustainable window replacement like window replacement dallas that can give you energy efficient window which plays an important role in decreasing your energy bill.

3.    Lock the garage door from the inside. Criminals are getting smarter. Even with a quality garage door opener, criminals can still get in your garage by rolling the door up with a little effort. If your door was damaged, you’d better get that garage door opener repair done by professionals. If your garage door has locks, use them.

4.    Never leave your garage door open if it isn’t necessary, even if you are home. An open garage door easily displays your garage and all the contents inside to anyone traveling along your street so they know what valuables you have inside. A passer-by might see something he or she wants, such as a new bike or your prized motorcycle, and come back to steal it. Keeping the garage door closed also deters vandals. If someone looking to “have a good time” spots your sparkling ski boat or a restored vehicle in the garage, the open garage door just gave them an invitation to come back later and ransack the garage and damage your valuable possessions inside. Install Mesa Tint if you have windows for more privacy.

5.    Do not leave the garage door cracked for ventilation. Even the slightest crack at the bottom of the garage door provides an opportunity for break-ins. When you decide to get your garage door serviced, you must ensure that you hire a Garage Door Repair Rochester Hills company that has years of experience in dealing with garage doors.

6.    Use outdoor lighting and security cameras to deter criminals and thieves. Burglars know most detached garages are unoccupied at night. Since the detached garage is not connected to the home, it is easy to break-in and not be noticed. Lighting and security cameras will make potential burglars think twice. Do you need a permanent security screen? Starline Security screens and films offers high-quality fixed security screens that are easy to install over existing windows. Don’t miss out! You may also browse this site for other security camera options.

7.    Stealing garage door openers out of cars is becoming a growing problem. Keep your call locked at all times even if you are in the house or the backyard. If you discover your garage door opener has been taken from your car change the frequency and code to your garage door opener immediately.

8.     If you have a home security system like fire alarm systems for your home, consider adding the security system to you detached garage as well.


Homeowners often overlook the security of their detached garage. Following these tips from The Garage Plan Shop will help make your garage and the things inside it safe and secure.

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