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Jan 20 2010

What are Unique Garage Plans?

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052G-0007 Unique Garage PlanWhat makes a garage plan unique is in the eye of the beholder. In many cases, personal preferences, tastes, and particular requirements help determine what garage plans are unique. Unique garage plans and unique garage apartment plans are often designed to satisfy specific requirements such as an oddly shaped, narrow or sloping lot or the owner’s precise needs. They include one-of-a-kind features not found with traditional garage designs. Both unique garage plans and unique garage apartment plans are usually detached garages that range in size and architectural style. Many would not commonly be found along a typical neighborhood street. Most unique garage plans display their own individuality in one or more of the following ways:


  • Feature unusual architectural design
  • Exhibit original style
  • Incorporate futuristic elements
  • Offer unusual features
  • Deliver a striking look that grabs attention
  • Created by designers with an imagination for originality
  • Stand out among all the rest


While the garage plans and garage apartment plans in the Unique Garage Plans collection are unique for a variety of reasons ranging from architectural style and special features to the size and shape of the lot they were designed for, they accommodate a variety of needs for everything from parking, boat storage and drive-thru requirements to an office for a home based

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