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Apr 20 2009

So Many Uses for a Basic Garage

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033G-0021If you are shopping for a garage plan, you already have a need for a new garage whether it is for auto storage, a workshop or something else. But have you consider all the things you can do with a basic garage. I’m not talking about the garages that include storage closets, a half bath or even an office. I am simply talking about a basic garage with four walls, a roof and a completely open and unfinished interior space. Maybe you need auto storage, but room for a workshop doesn’t sound bad either. And you could really use it! You can have both with the right garage plan. Not only that, but basic garages can provide a variety of other uses with a little imagination and creativity. But, let’s just start with the basics.

If your only need is to shelter one or two cars from the elements, then a simple one-car or two-car garage is the solution for you. Or maybe you are a car enthusiast and have three or four cars you need to store. There are garage plans to satisfy your needs too, just take a look at all the three-car and four-car + garage plans that are available. These basic garages offer overhead garage doors and most provide a service door for easy entry. There is a basic garage plan out there for all your general car storage needs.

But, storing cars isn’t the only thing you can do with a basic garage. Maybe you just want a place to keep the riding lawn mower and your gardening tools. A simple, detached one-car garage in the backyard could easily serve as an outbuilding or garden shed making it easy to access necessary equipment without having to back the cars out of the garage first. Do you have other large items you want to protect from the elements? For fishermen and those who love spending time on the lake, extra deep garages work well for boat storage. A simple two-car garage with extra deep bays could easily hold a boat in one bay and other “water toys” such as a jet ski, canoe or a pair of kayaks in the other bay. Maybe your growing family is running out of storage space. If you need a place to accommodate your basement or attic overflow, a basic garage is the answer again. Just use it like you would a rented storage locker. Except this one is better. You will only have a short walk to the backyard to retrieve an item you need.

For those with multiple needs, it is easy to satisfy all of them with a basic garage. Maybe you have an ATV or motorcycle, plus the kids have bikes, skateboards and other toys that need a home outside the house. Consider adding a detached two-car garage to your property. You’ll have plenty of room for your “toys” and enough space to organize the kids’ bikes and install shelving units for bike helmets, skateboards and their other outdoor toys or sporting equipment. In a similar manner, like the example above where there is a need for auto storage and a workshop, perhaps a three-car garage will do the trick. Use two bays for parking the family vehicles and set up a workshop in the third stall. Auto mechanics might find a triple-bay garage (or larger) handy as well using the center bay for the automobile they are working on and using the two side bays for storage of tools and auto parts providing walls for storage cabinets and shelving. Likewise, a person who enjoys wood crafts might turn a two-car garage into a workshop or hobby space. For home-based business owners such as landscapers, a four-car garage might be just right for storing trailers and lawn equipment in two stalls, the extra family car in the third stall and the kids’ toys in the fourth stall. Depending on the size of the garage, from a one-car to a four-car garage or larger, you can accommodate many different needs with a basic garage design.

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