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Mar 24 2015

4 Things to Consider When Building a Detached Garage – The Garage Plan Shop

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Garage Plan 025G-0005Are you planning on building a detached garage? Great! Detached garages have much to offer in terms of parking, storage, and other uses not to mention they will add value to your home. But before you begin the building process, there are a few things you should consider about the overall structure of your desired garage which you can make stand from others by using printed concrete as decoration. If you need some reliable contractors who are dedicated to keeping concrete structures well-maintained, then you can visit a site like for more info! The list below will help you with the planning process for your new garage.

  1. Consider zoning – Take some time to check with your building department regarding zoning laws in your area. Some cities, counties and communities have size limitations for accessory structures such as a detached garage, when getting your project build up, consider the help from experts like the building contractors  custom home builder with affordable building services. Additionally, there may be height restrictions or special requirements for the types of materials that can be used to finish the exterior of your garage (i.e. the exterior finish must match your existing home.) Finally, inquire about the location of the garage. Sometimes there are regulations regarding the placement of the garage in relation to the home and other structures on the property.
  2. Size – Consider the overall size of the garage you need. For a 1-car garage, you can estimate approximately 14’x20’. A two-car garage is approximately 20’x20’. These dimensions are just enough room for the cars. It you wish to add a workbench or storage closet or plan to have room for the lawn mower and family bikes too, you’ll need to plan for larger overall dimensions. Finally, you should consider the vehicles you own. If you drive an pickup truck or an oversized SUV, you will probably want a little extra “wiggle room” inside for your larger vehicles.
  3. Style – Take some time to consider the style of your home. You’ll want your new garage to blend with your home so choose a garage that features the same architectural styling as your home. Additionally, choose the same or similar exterior materials for your garage that were used to finish your home allowing it to look as if it was originally built with your house. In fact, here are lot of ideas resources online about diy home improvements that can make the exterior of your house eye-candy.
  4. Lot orientation – Think about your lot, the current structures on your property and how your driveway is positioned. Consider the orientation of your new garage on your lot. Does it need a concrete leveling service? Will it fit beside or behind your home and still meet zoning requirements? Will you be able to access your garage from your current driveway or will you need to pour more concrete using concrete pumping or extend the driveway? Many people prefer doing this part without the help of a paving contractor, but with the help of professional permeable pavers you’ll be able to get the job done correctly, like the block driveway paving contractors in dublin – best block paving company in dublin to work on that, but if you aren’t sure it’s in your budget you can always consult prices with a local asphalt contractor from an asphalt maintenance and concrete repair company.

With careful consideration of the overall structure of your new garage, it will be easy to choose a garage floor plan that will satisfy your needs, meet local requirements and compliment your home.

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