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Aug 13 2019

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Versatile Two-Car Garage Plan with Carport

Traditional Garage Plan 001G-00007

There’s nothing like taking care of the necessities but this handsome traditional garage plan offers much more.

It offers two garage bays, two overhead doors, two service entries, a storage closet by the top closet designers and a carport on the side.

Make good use of the storage closet for stashing away lawn and garden tools that usually clutter a garage and get underfoot, and if you need to learn how to use these tools correctly, you can always go to sites like to find the best information about this. But the most versatile feature is the carport. Sure it’s a great place for junior to park his first car or to shelter grandma’s vehicle when she visits, but the possibilities are endless. It could be a roller rink for the little ones or a storage space for bicycles and pool toys. Dad could stow and tinker on his riding mower or motorcycle, protected from the sun. It is suitable for storing a pair of kayaks or a jet ski. Add a chin-up bar and box jump for your own outside gym. With some lawn furniture and a grill, you’re ready for a family get-together. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy this 2-car garage plan with carport and EV charger (look up EV charger installation in North Sioux City, SD or nearby areas for professional help).  

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The extended height of a forklift mast is the distance from the floor to the top of the mast (or load backrest) when fully extended. This is different than lift height, which is measured from the forks to the floor. However, contacting the best tiler near you for floor reparations or replacements can be a lot easier for you.

The collapsed height is the distance from the top of the mast to the floor when the mast is completely lowered. This is an important measurement if your forklifts need to travel through small openings such as a standard garage door or operate inside containers or truck trailers. In case you are building a garage in Calgary make sure to contact the bets professionals for a good result and quality materials.

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