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Feb 28 2019

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Landscaping for your New Garage

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After the construction of your new garage has been completed, you and your family will be staring at a large patch of dirt. Try to think of it as “tabula rasa” or “blank sheet.” Here it is, a canvas for painting with your landscaping skills. No skills? No worries. There are professionals for that. There’s even a
NG Turf: sod calculator for you, there is nothing to worry about.

Hopefully your construction project has been completed in late spring or early fall, as these are the best times to grow grass. So much has been written about lawn building, you will have no trouble finding information on types of grass seeds and sods that are available and what works best in your region. Decide how much of that dirt patch should be lawn, keeping in mind kids and dogs, swing sets and basketball hoops.

Laying Sod

It’s best to water a new lawn daily until it’s well established. Experts advise watering early in the morning and again in the evening on hot days. Rain gauges will help monitor how much water is being delivered and yes, it is possible to water too much and damage the roots.

Shrubs and hedges, plus flower beds can help create boundaries quickly when you use commercial fertilizer.

Future shade can be created by judicious placement of trees. You can call tree planting organizations, like, to help you out. However, those who have sick or rotten trees can get rid of them with the help of a tree removal company. This way, you can free up a space that can be planted with a new tree. In the meantime, you may consider other shade options like a trellis, arbor or pergola.

If you are in Petrie, Australia and is looking to improve your home’s exterior, then get your Petrie home expertly painted by The Painters Touch.

While you are painting your blank canvas you can also hire a professionals from Alex Trend painters to help you. Since pipes and water lines are marked, it’s a good time to dig if you plan to install a koi pond, waterfall or fountain beside your new garage.

Consider going to a local concreter to buy items like concrete benches, stepping stones, statues and other hardscape features. Installing items that require foundations or leveling will be easier to place on your dirt lot now, rather than digging up an established lawn later, so for professional help consider hiring experts who specialize in foundation repair .

Of course, no matter how much planning one does, somewhere down the road something will have to go, change, or be replaced. So, don’t be intimated for tomorrow by what you do today. When the time comes, you will be ready to tackle the next landscaping project. Be sure to check the best ranked commercial landscaping service here.

However retaining walls can be functional, decorative, or both for your landscaping with the help of some reliable retaining wall builders. They can plan, design, and install all types and sizes of retaining walls you may ever wanted to have for your property!

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