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Mar 26 2018

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Pool House Plans for Your Backyard

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Pool House Plan 006P-0001The Garage Plan Shop offers a variety of pool houses designed to suit your needs and to compliment your architecture. A very basic plan, 006P-0001, presents an economical pool house with a full or half bath.

Essentially it provides a place to use the restroom and change or shower poolside. Waterside Poolscapes, a Katy pool builder, keeps a large portfolio of past pool installations. Simple, yet an effective and convenient amenity for family and guests.

For a more elaborate plan, consider 006P-0032. This design offers both inside and outside storage rooms. Inside there is a full bath with shower, party room with kitchenette and a weight room.

Outside, notice the exterior pool shower, front and back porches plus an arbor on the side, while also adding a hot tub as a great option which you can include a cover for it, just check out the covers for hot tubs online and purchase one for you.

The UK hot tub market has increased significantly as garden spas are now considered a standard home appliance, and this high volume means that there are many great hot tub deals available.

This is a great accompaniment to any pool, and offers an excellent means for entertaining via the vaulted party room without dripping guests tracking through the main residence. Plus, this pool house plan can double as a guest room. There is even space for a stacked washer and dryer which may come in handy for guests who decide to take a dip before changing out of their clothes. Get in contact with fibreglass pool installers Geelong through this website and read more information.

Pool House Plan 006P-0032

These two options are just the tip of the pool house collection offered by custom pool designers. Consider plans with outside party rooms, grilling porches, and eating bars.

Party in style with the best hot tub brands and saunas for your guests. Get practical with storage space for your pool equipment and washer and dryers for your guests to use.  Pool house plans are available with garage bays for protecting your growing fleet of vehicles. Plans combined with apartments present a world of possibilities as guest rooms or housing for family, hired help, or even boarders. Take a moment to assess your needs and remember modifications and custom plans are available at

Expand your own living spaces with hobby rooms or exercise rooms and get a service from the trusted pool builders such as Agua Pools to turn your dream pool project into a reality.

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