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Sep 26 2016

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We’ve Got a Garage Plan for That!

Talk to just about anyone you know and they will tell you they need more space – more storage space, more parking space, more work space, more living space, etc. Detached garage plans are the perfect “space” solution for a broad range of needs. Homeowners add detached garages to their backyards in an effort to create space. Some build garages on different types of property to create space for other specific needs. If you take a little time to think about your needs and consider the variety of garage plans available, you too, will see that detached garages have much to offer. With so many detached garage plans available, we’ve probably got a garage plan that will accommodate your needs. So, take some time to consider your lifestyle and needs and determine what type of garage plan will accommodate you best. Make sure to contact crawl space waterproofing knoxville in case there’s any damage at home you need to fix.

Need more parking? We’ve got garage a garage plan for that!

Modern Garage Plan 050G-0035Whether you need to add just one extra sheltered parking space or a few, we probably have the design you’re looking for. We offer everything from simple 1-car garage plans to 3-car and 4 car garage plans. They are available in a variety of sizes and architectural styles ensuring you’ll find the right one to match your home and fit your lot. Our garage plans are available in traditional, country and modern styles just to name a few. Some are simply basic designs while others have all the bells and whistles like a full or half bath, storage closet, loft space, or workshop area. If you only wish to have extra parking, a basic garage plan will do.

Need a place to store your boat or RV? We’ve got garage a garage plan for that!

RV Garage Plan 051G-0091No matter if you prefer the open road or the open water, we’ve got detached garage plans that will protect your investments from the elements. Garage plans with boat storage offer at least one extra deep bay and sometimes an oversized garage door for storing boats and trailers. Our RV garage plans deliver at least one oversized garage bay that is extra deep, extra tall and outfitted with an oversized garage door to accommodate the height, length and width of a motor home, RV or camper.

Need more storage space? We’ve got a garage plan for that!

Garage Plan with Loft 010G-0006Face it. Over time, people accumulate A LOT of STUFF! If you’re in need of more storage space, consider our garage plans with storage or our garage loft plans. Some garage plans with storage offer parking for the family cars plus a separate room for storing boxes, lawn and garden tools, the family bikes, patio furniture, lawn mower or recycling bins. Other storage garage plans just offer extra space on one side of the garage or in the rear giving you room to add storage shelves or cabinets to get organized. Garage plans with a loft offer just that! They feature parking on the main level and an unfinished storage loft above. Depending on the design, the loft can be accessed by a pull-down stair or a full staircase, and it is a great place for storing seasonal items, holiday decorations, and basement or attic overflow.

However your basement is an important space of your property. While it’s a storage space for some, it’s another room outfitted for maximum comfort for others. If you’d like to learn more on how to deal with any issues faced you can check more about CAPITAL DECK AND STAIR WATERPROOFING.

Therefore, a wet basement is really frustrating and could cause serious damage but this could be solved with the help of a good company like Ottawa foundation repair services. Let some experts of basement waterproofing services similar to the ones at help you deal with this problem!

Need more living space? We’ve got a garage plan for that!

Garage Plan with Flex Space 035G-0001Whether you’re outgrowing your home and cannot afford to buy a larger house or you just need a private living space for work or weekend guests, we probably have a detached garage plan to accommodate your needs. Our collection of garage plans with flex space and garage apartment plans provide extra finished living space in a variety of arrangements. Garage plans with flex space offer parking plus a finished living area that can “flex” and change as your needs and lifestyle changes. For example, design 051G-0089 offers a recreation room, hobby room and full bath. This might be ideal if you’re raising teenagers. They will have a place to hang out with friends in the rec room or use the hobby room for jam sessions. You’ll appreciate that the noise is contained away from the main house. However, after the kids have grown and moved away, you might opt to use the living space as a small apartment for when the kid and grandkids come home to visit for the holidays. Or you might opt to convert the rec room into your yoga studio or home office and convert the hobby area into your sewing room.

Garage Apartment Plan 072G-0028Garage apartment plans are another solution for parking and living space. In addition to at least a 1-car garage or larger, these designs offer living quarters either as a studio apartment or as a full apartment with walls and separated living spaces. Most garage apartment plans offer the basic amenities when it comes to living quarters but they will all include at least one full bath and a kitchenette. These designs are well suited for use as a guest retreat, mother-in-law suite, or living quarters for the nanny, hired hands, etc. Additionally, they work well for college students who are looking for a little independence but aren’t quite yet ready to leave home. Garage apartment plans can even be used as rental property providing extra parking and a source of income.

In addition to the types of garage plans mentioned above, we also offer tandem garages, garage plans with a workshop, and garage plans with a carport. And for those who need sheltered parking but can’t afford the costs of building a garage plan, take some time to consider building a carport plan instead. Please visit The Garage Plan Shop to view our extensive collection of garage plans.

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Sep 03 2016

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Water Leaks

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You never know when plumbing problems will strike, even in new homes. Leaks can occur in brand new homes, so it’s important to know what to do when you notice a water leak. In some cases, there are preventative measures you can take to avoid problems before they happen. However, in other cases, leaks could appear after you’ve moved in, so it’s good to be prepared! As soon as you experience any water damage around it, you can check that and call professionals to have it look and take action with it to avoid any worse scenarios ahead if you don’t have an idea with it.

If you detect a water leak, or if there are any visible signs of a leak, here’s a quick guide to what to do as noted by Carlson Plumbing Company!

Leak Detection & Repair | Webb Roofing & Construction | Fort Myers, FL

Leaks in plumbing systems, like pipes, can occur for a variety of reasons. As a result, leaks can be due to accidents, poor installation, or even severe weather. If you suspect a water leak, remember to begin the leak check process. If there is obvious water on the floor or ground, and the water isn’t draining away, then the most likely cause is a leak, so don’t hesitate on contacting an emergency plumbing service and getting a quick plumbing repair.

Don’t make assumptions when it comes to leaks, however. It may be time to call a plumber. Make a detailed list of what you suspect, so you’ll know exactly what to look for and what to do. Is the ceiling wet? Are there small puddles anywhere? Are there visible pipes in the area that house hot water or draining systems? Is water seeping out of the walls or cabinetry? Is there any liquid outside of the pipes? In most cases, there are visible signs that indicate a leak has occurred and many Causes of Plumbing Issues.

However, if the leak is small, or you don’t have easy access to the plumbing area, it can be more difficult to spot. If you’ve noticed signs of a leak, now’s the time to call a plumbing service. Depending on the situation, the issue could be straightforward or extensive. Either way (and no matter the cause), you should always begin leak checking with a plumbing service. A trained professional can assess the issue, determine the best course of action, and provide you with the assistance you need.

Plumbers are an invaluable resource for leak problems. Call a plumber like this plumber in Cupertino, CA as soon as you notice any water in your plumbing. A plumbing service can identify the source of the leak, determine the best solution (repair or replacement), and offer the services you need. If your pipes or drains leak, you need service fast!

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