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Mar 28 2012

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Featured Boat Storage Garage Plan – The Garage Plan Shop

Boat Storage Garage Pla 033G-0014The Garage Plan Shop is featuring a boat storage garage plan. Fishermen and boating enthusiasts will fall in love with this detached 2-car garage design with boat storage. One overhead door opens to the double garage providing plenty of room to park the family cars. Another overhead door opens to an extra deep bay, well suited for storing the boat or even a trailer. Or perhaps you’ll want to store your boat in the deeper bay and use another bay to store fishing and boating equipment such as fishing poles, tackle boxes, life jackets, etc. Providing 1008 square feet of parking area, this flexible garage is not only ideal for boat storage, but it could easily serve as a 3-car garage instead. Or for those who need a workshop or just some extra storage space, you’ll find it with this garage plan.


For more designs like this one, be sure to browse our entire collection of garage plans with boat storage.  

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Mar 14 2012

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What are Tandem Garage Plans? – The Garage Plan Shop

Tandem Garage Plan 050G-0054Tandem garage plans are detached garages designed to save space and accommodate long and lean strips of property or narrow lots. They make the most or the available space by providing auto storage with extra deep bays. The extra deep bays allow room to park two or more cars one behind the other. Most tandem garage plans published by The Garage Plan Shop are at least 38’ deep and can range in size from a single tandem bay to two or more tandem bays positioned side-by-side. Other tandem garage plans might offer one or two tandem bays attached to one or two single-car bays. Many work well of storing oversized vehicles and other equipment that requires extra depth such as a trailer or a boat. Tandem garage plans are available in a wide selection of architectural styles and sizes. Various combinations of garage doors, different rooflines and numerous exterior finishes enhance curb appeal. With a little imagination, tandem garage plans can be very versatile working well for car storage, a workshop, hobby space or home storage.


For other options, consider browsing our RV garage plans. Many of these designs could serve as a tandem garage.

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Mar 04 2012

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Organize Your Garage with Storage Cabinets – The Garage Plan Shop

Garage Storage CabinetsAs your garage door opens, are you frightened at the sight of what is inside? Do you ever wonder how it got to be so cluttered and full of stuff? Do you wonder if you’ll ever be able to park the car inside the garage again? Do you wonder if you’ll ever be able to find a certain tool or toy that’s stashed inside?


You may think it will be impossible to get your garage organized, but there is hope. Installing cabinets and other organizational accessories will create storage space allowing you to get things up off the floor and put them in a place where you’ll be able to find them next time you need them. Garage storage cabinets are available in a wide variety of choices so it should be easy to find just the right ones to fit in your garage and accommodate all of your belongings. In addition to cabinets, there are other garage storage accessories available like shelving units, workbenches and counters that provide extra storage space and even work space.


Take some time to consider what items you want to store in your garage and what will go into the self storage facility downtown, this will help you determine how many cabinets and storage shelves you’ll need to accommodate all of your belongs. Do you need a workbench or counter? Consider locking cabinets for items that you need to keep out of reach of small children such as power tools or harmful chemicals such as weed killer. But don’t forget to accommodate the kids. Choose lower cabinets and shelving units that are easy to access for the kids to store outdoor toys, bike helmets, baseball bats and gloves, etc.


Once cabinets, shelving units and other storage accessories are installed, store all your belongings in their designated spaces. Each time you use a particular item, return it to the place you got it from. This will help keep the garage floor clear and leave room for you to park the family car.


For more ideas like this one, check out The Garage Plan Shop’s resource page and our blogs about garage organization.

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