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Jun 29 2010

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Garage Apartment Studio: Tips for One-Room Living

006G-0078 Garage Apartment PlanLiving in a limited space is tough, but many make do with the space they have. When considering garage apartment plans and studio apartments, one-room living is about as tricky as you can get. This challenge is most often faced by city dwellers, seniors and students. So how do you make the most of living is a garage studio apartment? The Garage Plan Shop has some tips that will help you turn your one-room living space into a functional and stylish abode.


First, you must assess how you live. Do you like to entertain? Do you work from home? Will you have occasional or frequent overnight guests?


Next you must edit your belongings. What do you absolutely need in your studio apartment? What items can you donate to charity? What items can be put in storage?


The next step is to divide the room into public and private spaces. Depending on the way you live will determine how much public and private space you need. You’ll probably want a sleeping area, sitting/entertaining area, a workspace/office area, a dining space and kitchen. Try separating the sleeping area from the rest of the room using a bookcase as a room divider or perhaps a folding screen. You may even want to include your desk in the private space. If you’re looking to enhance the aesthetics further, consider searching for domestic resin flooring near me to bring a stylish and cohesive element to the entire room.


Now, it is time to create zones with the remaining common areas. This can be done using furniture, bamboo rugs, or even lighting. There are sites online that showcase Discount oriental rugs which can truly add appeal to a room. You may hire a residential electrical contractor to help install wiring and lighting in your garage apartment.

For excess furniture that doesn’t add value to your home design anymore, rather than throwing them away, you can donate them through services like Salvation Army Pickup, for example. For instance, hang a chandelier over the entertaining space and place and area rug beneath it with a couch along one edge designating this space as the entertaining space. This entertaining space might also be your socializing and eating space as well.


From this point, the rest is all in the way you arrange, furnish and organize your one-room living space. These pointers will help you finish your space with style and function.


·       Choose multi-functional furniture such as a coffee table that can double for dining or a bench with storage inside.

·         Select furniture on legs so you can see under each piece making the room feel more spacious. You can also incorporate items like vintage runner rugs in order to elevate the appeal of the room.

·         Use a few big pieces of furniture. A bunch of small pieces make a room feel cluttered.

·        Decorate with one color and incorporate different textures through furniture pieces, epoxy garage flooring, rugs and window treatments. A tight palette creates visual cohesion. Take a look this Selected Hardwood Flooring: hardwood floors in Illinois.

·         Choose decorative boxes, bins and baskets of different shapes, colors and textures to store small belongings. Stack them in open spaces at the bottoms of desks and end tables.

·         Think vertical when it comes to storage. Shelves, wall-mounted cubes and bookshelves are must haves.

·         Select space saving furniture and entertainment units that can be hanged on the wall. 

·         Let your space dictate the quantity of your belongings.

·         Incorporate a few movable furniture pieces like wicker furniture to accommodate guests. Consider ottomans, a bench or a few wooden chairs that can be moved near the sofa when visitors arrive.

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Jun 25 2010

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Learn About Carport Plans from The Garage Plan Shop

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006G-0017 Carport PlanIf you are in need of sheltered parking for one or two automobiles, carport plans offer an economical solution. Carports are designed to shelter one or more automobiles or other large items from the elements. In general, they are open-sided shelters on at least one or two sides and are designed for the purpose of protecting cars and other vehicles such as a camper or boat from the wind, snow, rain and sun. Carport plans, sometimes referred to as outdoor covers or sheltered parking, are very simple in design and display little detail and ornamentation. The main exterior finishes include siding, brick, metal and logs. Various sizes and styles deliver selection allowing you to find the right one to satisfy your needs and compliment your home. Sometimes, carport plans incorporate a storage space such as shelving, a small closet or cabinets at the rear or on the side of the structure. If you are looking for a less expensive alternative to building a detached garage, take a look at The Garage Plan Shop’s carport plans.

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Jun 16 2010

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Functional Garage Plan with Boat Storage in Multiple Sizes

047G-0017 Garage Plan With Boat StorageTake a look at this detached garage plan with boat storage. Available in multiple sizes, it appeals to a wide range of buyers. Its 2-car or 3-car floor plan is very accommodating giving you the extra auto storage your family needs plus room for a boat pleasing any fisherman or boating enthusiast. Four different sized garages offer all bays at 28’ deep easily accommodating a boat in one bay and the family car(s) or other motorized items in the other bays. If you are looking for a place to store something other than your car, this design can handle it. Safely park your boat and then fill the extra bay(s) with whatever you need to store such as a motorcycle, jet ski, the riding mower, golf cart or the family bikes. Sporting a simple siding façade and a gable roofline, this boat storage garage plan will blend nicely with many different home styles.


View this garage plan for more details.


For other options browse The Garage Plan Shop’s entire collection of garage plans with boat storage.

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Jun 09 2010

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Pros and Cons of Wood Garage Doors

Wooden Garage DoorIf you are building a new garage, there are many things to consider. One of those items to ponder is the type of garage doors you plan to use, you should have this figured out before you decide to call in the professionals for the garage door installation or a garage door repair if it’s needed.

You will find at composite door Bristol garage doors are available in various materials with the main ones being steel, aluminum, vinyl and wood. Wooden garage doors have been around since attached and detached garages have become part of family residences. They remain a popular choice in today’s market due to technical aspects, durability, longevity and visual appeal. So long as your garage remains secure through the services of a residential locksmith, then get whichever design appeals to you. If not, then you may want to consider garage door repair services to fix your door before installing a lock. Below is a list of the pros and cons of wood garage doors to help you determine if they are a good choice for you.


Pros of Wood Garage Doors

    • They are custom built to fit any size or shape garage and can be created or adjusted to accommodate non-level garage floors. To put it all together, I’d suggest using industrial grade Flat washers for the job.
    • Natural material treatments are available to increase the longevity of the garage door by protecting against bending, rotting and distorting.
      • They do not crack or dent like vinyl, aluminum and steel doors.
    • Should the garage door become damaged, it can be repaired easily by replacing the damaged portion or panel rather than replacing the entire garage door, all you need is to get the best garage door repair service. 
    • According to Raynor garage doors, they can be operated manually or automatically with a garage door opener just like other varieties.
    • These garage doors can easily be repainted in the future giving them a whole new look, you just need to find the best residential garage door repair provider. 
    • Wood can withstand drastic temperature changes and it serves as an insulator against heat and cold.
    • Wood cuts down on noise pollution dampening the sound of noisy neighborhoods better than other garage door materials.
    • Wood is a renewable resource and therefore wood garage doors are earth-friendly.
  • Wood garage doors blend well with homes featuring an exterior made of natural materials such as wooden siding, cedar shingles, logs or stone.


Cons of Wood Garage Doors

·    Wood garage door manufactures are hard to come by.

·    These doors are more expensive to build than their manufactured competitors.

·     Due to their custom-built nature, wood garage doors are not readily available at a lumberyard or home improvement store.

·     Regular maintenance is necessary to prevent the need for a garage door repair.

·     Wood garage doors are heavy requiring a properly sized garage door opener and springs to move the weight of the door.


Before you choose a garage door for your new detached garage, The Garage Plan Shop recommends you carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of every type of garage door including aesthetically pleasing and durable wooden garage doors, and if you are just thinking of getting your door fixed instead of replacing it, we suggest to look for the best garage door services in the area.

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Jun 03 2010

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New! Shed Plans: Another Storage Solution from The Garage Plan Shop

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0028S-0002 Shed PlanWhile many purchase and build with garage plans as a solution to their storage needs, others might not need something quite so big. That’s why The Garage Plan Shop is pleased to announce we are now offering shed plans. Whether you’re looking for a place to store tools, toys, lawn and garaged equipment or something else, backyard shed plans may be the answer to your storage needs. This new collection of structures features an array of sizes, styles and functions. Our shed collection includes garden sheds, tool sheds and storage sheds to name a few. We even have designs that can accommodate hobbies like a potting shed for those with a green thumb. Different combinations of rooflines, doors and special features provide a variety of designs to choose from. Some shed plans even offer a covered porch, storage loft or workbench for convenience. If you’re looking for a smaller storage solution for your backyard that is easy to access and versatile, consider a shed plan. Ideal for storing bikes, the lawn mower, leaf rakes, tools, or even a motorcycle cycle in some cases, we have a shed plan that is sure to accommodate your needs. Browse our collection of backyard shed plans now.

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