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Apr 29 2010

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Hassle-Free Drive-Thru Garage Plan

051G-0021 Drive-Thru Garage PlanIf you need a two-car garage but prefer the hassle-free convenience of a drive-thru bay, this detached garage plan is worth taking a second look. Begin with its striking Northwestern styled exterior. Its multi-material facade is sure to complement any Craftsman style home. Now, take a look inside. Two overhead doors open to a 780 square foot parking area, just right for the family cars. At the rear, a third overhead door opens to find the backyard. If you hate backing in or out of the garage, this special feature allows you to pull the car straight thru. This arrangement is also handy when it comes to retrieving the lawn mower, the kids’ bikes or gardening tools. Just lift the rear door to access the items you need eliminating the hassle of backing a car out of the garage in order for the kids to get their bikes or other things. Now more scratched or dented car doors. The drive-thru garage bay is the perfect solution. Other practical features with this detached garage plan include a side service door and a vaulted carport delivering even more sheltered parking. Carefully designed with function and convenience, this drive-thru garage plan with carport will add value to your home.


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Apr 21 2010

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Featured Outbuilding Plan: Multi-Purpose Pole Barn

047B-0001 OutbuildingIf you’re looking to add an outbuilding to your farm, ranch or other piece of property, take a look at this pole barn. Versatile and flexible, this design accommodates a wide range of needs. Sliding doors allow easy storage of large and small vehicles of all kinds. Multiple sizes ensure storage of everything from the family vehicles to a boat and trailer, a wagon, farm machinery and equipment, and much more. The possibilities are endless. This outbuilding plan is available in the following sizes:


·         24’x24’

·         24’x32’

·         24’x40’

·         30’x40’

·         40’x64’


Furthermore, the blueprints include designs for optional 8’, 10’ and 12’ walls increasing flexibility and usability. Wall framing consists of 6”x6” posts and 2”x6” side girts. Ideal for a mechanic’s garage, a workshop, storage shed or equipment garage, this outbuilding plan is well suited for many different sized lots and delivers the versatility you’re looking for in a pole barn.


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Apr 15 2010

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Choosing an RV Garage Plan for RV and Motorhome Owners

033G-0016 RV Garage PlanAttention RV owners! The advantages of having an RV garage are obvious. Like cars, trucks, motorcycles and other motor vehicles, RVs, campers and motorhomes are not immune to the elements. Parking your RV in a garage purposely designed and built for it will definitely keep your recreational vehicle in good shape for years to come. Face it, RVs are a serious investment, and it is important to protect them in the best way possible. You can do it with RV garages plans! The Garage Plan Shop recommends considering these items before choosing an RV garage plan for your home away from home.


·         Determine the overall size of the RV you wish to accommodate – width, length and height. What size garage doors will you need? How deep should the RV bay be? How tall should the ceiling be?

·         Determine the size of your lot or the area of your backyard where you plan to build the garage. This will give you a guild line when considering the overall width and depth of RV garage plans.

·         Is the location where you plan to build accessible? Will you need to extend the driveway? Will you be able to pull the RV in and out of the garage safely and easily?

·         Because RV garages are taller than a standard garage, make note of any overhead power lines, telephone lines, etc. that may pose a problem.

·         Do you want your RV garage to offer another function? Consider extra features that may accommodate other needs like a storage space, half or full bath, workshop or work bench.

·         Do you want the RV bay to be attached to a standard garage for car storage?

·         If your lot is large enough, consider the convenience of a drive-thru RV garage featuring overhead doors at the front and back of the RV bay, which allow you to pull right thru the garage rather than hassling with backing in or out of the garage.

·         Check with your building department to find out if there are any building codes or restrictions that might influence the selection you make when choosing your garage plan.


After considering these ideas, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the RV garage plan that is right for you.

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Apr 02 2010

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Multi-Purpose Outbuildings Accommodate Many Needs

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012B-0002 Outbuilding PlansOutbuilding plans are freestanding structures designed to accommodate a broad range of needs and satisfy many different uses. This collection of floor plans includes storage sheds, workshops, machine and equipment sheds, barns and stables. Typically, they can be one or two levels and range in style and size. Large outbuildings are commonly built on farms, ranches and other big tracts of land for storage of machines and other equipment that could be used on a farm such as a tractor. Smaller designs like sheds and workshops are often used for hobbies and storage of smaller items like lawn and gardening equipment. Stables and barns offer features necessary for taking care of horses and other livestock such as stalls, feeding areas and tack rooms. No matter the type of outbuilding, all floor plans are outfitted with the types of doors and entries necessary to accommodate the function or particular use each plan was designed for such as overhead garage doors, sliding doors and service entries. Some outbuildings incorporate thoughtful extras like a full or half bath, loft, or living quarters for farm hands. Take some time to browse the outbuilding plans and other garages found at The Garage Plan Shop.

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