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Mar 17 2010

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Fabulous Garage, Functional Storage: Garage Storage Ideas

Garage StorageNow that you’ve built your dream garage, it is time to make this fabulous new addition functional, satisfying all of your needs. Note: It is important to add all storage items and accessories before you begin moving anything into your brand new detached garage. Otherwise, the clutter might take over before you’ve even had a chance to begin organizing the garage in a useful and efficient manner. One rule of thumb to follow: Think vertical! From floor to ceiling, capitalize on vertical space keeping the parking and walking areas free and clear for easy movement.



There is a wide range of wall accessories to maximize your garage storage safely. Pegboards and hooks deliver plenty of vertical storage space and cabinets can be easily arranged to offer floor and overhead cabinets with a countertop or work bench resting on top of the floor units. Both pegboards and hooks can be arranged to fit any size garage. Another good choice for storage is a slotted panel system which combines the use of hooks, shelves and cabinets. No matter which organizational method you choose for your walls, make sure each piece or item is securely mounted to the wall and do not store anything that exceeds the maximum weight capacity.



Industrial shelving units are available in a many different sizes and styles and can easily stretch from floor to ceiling. Shelving units should be anchored to the wall so they cannot be toppled easily. (This is especially important where young children are present.) Place open bins on the lower shelves to organize children’s toys and sporting equipment in a place the kids can easily access it. Also, use bins on the middle shelves to group other similar items such as gardening gloves, flower pots and small shovels or lifejackets and water shoes. Covered bins are great for folding and storing seasonal outerwear such as winter jackets and hunting clothes. Use the higher shelves for items that may be harmful or dangerous to your children such as chemicals and larger items that do not easily hang on the wall like the leaf blower. (Pay attention to chemical labels regarding temperatures. Some items are best stored indoors where the temperature is more constant.)



Though we don’t traditionally use the ceiling for storage in our homes, the garage is one place where you can make use of the space above. In many cases, hooks can be installed in the ceiling that work well for hanging bikes, lawn chairs and even strollers in some instances. If there is room above the rafters for a storage loft, use the space for seasonal items such as holiday decorations or items you only need once or twice a year. Often a ladder or pull-down stair is the easiest way to access the space. Just be sure the floor is sturdy enough to support the weight of the items you plan to store and be careful climbing the ladder with heavy boxes or bulky items.


With a little thought and planning, you can turn your fabulous new garage into a functional and efficient storage space that keeps everything in its place.

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Mar 11 2010

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Unique Garage Apartment Plan with 5-Car Garage

035G-0009 Unique Garage ApartmentIf you are looking for a unique garage apartment plan, this is the one for you. First begin with its Victorian styling and ornate details delivering striking curb appeal. Elegant porch columns and shuttered windows are just a few of the details highlighting the exterior of this design. The Victorian architecture is quite uncommon for a detached garage, but stunning nonetheless. Another unique feature about this floor plan is its 5-car garage revealing 1215 square feet of parking area. A combination of two tandem bays and a single-car bay makes the floor plan stand out among many. Though an unusual arrangement, the garage easily handles five family vehicles or a pair of oversized vehicles and a smaller one. Furthermore, the tandem bays are deep enough to accommodate boat storage too. A covered porch leads to the private interior stairs ascending to the second floor where you’ll discover more unusual features about this unique plan. Here, two bayed windows fill the large game/living room with natural light. A fireplace adds a cozy touch. With the step-saver kitchen overlooking the gathering space, the upper level is the perfect entertainment space for guests or it works well as a living area for guests, the in-laws or the nanny. A sunny bedroom and a full bath finish off the garage apartment. Make note of all the attic storage, great for stashing boxes and seasonal items. A masterful blend of style and function, this unique garage apartment plan will look great tucked in the backyard behind your Victorian style home.

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Mar 03 2010

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Garage Storage for Bike Riders

Bike RackWith spring right around the corner, chances are bike lovers are thinking about taking that first long ride on an upcoming pleasant and sunny spring day. Now is the time to get ready. Whether you plan to train for a big ride everyday or you prefer leisurely rides with the family on Sunday afternoons, you’ll be taking your bike out of the garage more frequently that you did throughout the winter months (if you even got it out at all). So why not make the family bikes more accessible and store them safely when not in use?


There are a wide variety of bike storage systems and racks available for garage storage including those that allow bikes to hang upside-down from the garage ceiling and vertical poles to which bikes are mounted saving garage floor space.


Consider how much garage space you can dedicate to bike storage and how many bikes you wish to store. Shop around and find out what bike racks or storage devices are available to suit your needs and will fit in the allotted space within your garage. Are they easy to use? Are the safe for your kids? Can your kids access their bikes easily? Will you need to help them? Will your car and other items in the garage be safe if you add the bike rack? Pay attention you your garage door as not to position the rack where it will prevent you from opening the door.  


Think about the functionality of each bike storage system. Some come with hooks for hanging helmets and other gear. Is this something you need or can you do without it?


If you want to add bike storage to your detached garage, you’ll have to do some research to find the one that works best for your needs. Shop online and at local bike shops and home improvement stores for ideas and possibilities that will work for you.

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