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Oct 15 2009

The Basics about 1 Car Garage Plans

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Garage Plan 033G-0012As its name suggests, a 1-car garage plan or single-car garage is designed to provide sheltered parking for one car. Floor plans are available in a wide range of styles and sizes ensuring you’ll find just the right one to complement your home and fit your lot. Various rooflines such as gable, reverse gable or hip rooflines top these detached structures delivering greater variation in style and design. Furthermore, sometimes special extras such as a storage space, workbench, attached workshop or second floor loft are available adding to the practicality and functionality of single-car garage plans. Some even offer extra storage space perfect for the lawn mower, gardening tools, the kids’ bikes or other items. Typically, 1-car garage plans are designed with windows and a service entry for easy access.


But don’t be fooled. There are many other possibilities for a 1-car garage other than parking the family car. A single-car garage plan can also be used for a garden shed, storage shed, workshop, hobby room or craft area. With a little imagination and the right accessories such as storage cabinets, a planting table, workbench or counter, a 1-car garage can transform into a building that satisfies another purpose. No matter how you plan to use the garage, chances are you’ll find the perfect one to accommodate your needs.


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