Selecting a Garage Plan

Often, homeowners have a fairly good idea about the type of garage plan they wish to add to their residence or build on that piece of property in the woods. Size and style are usually easily determined, but after further consideration these two concepts may change. The information below provides several concepts that will influence your decision in selecting the right garage plan for you.

If you are adding a detached garage to your current home, the style of the garage plan may be dictated by the architectural style of the home such as Craftsman, country or traditional. Personal tastes may also influence the style of the garage, especially if it is not being built in close proximity to a home or it is to be used as a home itself. Pay attention to the structures around you and ask yourself what style garage will blend with the surrounding homes, garages and landscape. Also check with your local planning and building departments. They will be able to tell you if there are any restrictions regarding style in the area where you plan to build.

In other instances, budget will determine the type of garage plan you choose. While you might dream of a three-car garage with recreation room and kitchenette above for entertaining purposes, it may be more practical to build a three-car garage with loft, finishing the space in the future when your budget allows. Or maybe a four car-garage with plenty of storage is your ultimate dream garage. However, money is tight. In this case you may have to sacrifice the one bay and the lager storage area for a well organized three-car garage. The building budget is definitely something to consider because the last thing you want to do is start a project and run out of funds before the garage is finished.

The building site is another criterion that will influence your decision when selecting a garage plan. Depending on the width and depth of your lot will determine what size garage you can accommodate. It is especially important to determine the area you have to work with when building a detached garage near a house or another structure. A site plan may help you determine what garage will fit best in the designated space. If your building space is long and lean, an extra deep garage will provide additional storage space that you might not otherwise be able to have with a width restriction. Also, consider the physical features of the lot. Does the lot slope to the front, side or back? Does it drain well? Will you need to clear trees or other underbrush?

Finally, think about the special elements you want with your new garage. How will these features satisfy the needs of your daily life? Choosing the elements you want with your garage will take careful consideration and should be prioritized according to importance. If you already have a garage or had one in the past, think about how it functioned. What worked for you and what didn’t? When it comes to selecting special features for a functional garage, there is no substitute for firsthand experience. If something worked well for you before, chances are it will work well for you again. The list of questions below will help you narrow down your needs and wants with your new garage or garage apartment. Think about your answers to these questions as you browse our garage plan collection.

  • Is the garage an addition to your home?
  • How do you want your garage to function?
  • How will you use the garage now? How will you use it in the future?
  • Will you be storing cars? A boat? An RV? Motorcycles?
  • What else will you be storing? Lawn and garden tools? Sporting equipment? Bikes? Toys? Seasonal items?
  • How much time will you spend in the garage?
  • How many levels should it be?
  • Do you want a loft? Will you finish it as a hobby room, office, exercise area or game room?
  • Do you prefer an unfinished loft for storage?
  • Will the garage serve personal and business related purposes?
  • How many people will use the garage?
  • Do you want a storage closet? Storage shelves?
  • Could you use a workbench or workshop?
  • Is there a need for built-in shelving and other organizers?
  • Will you need a utility sink? Full bath? Half bath?
  • Would a drive-thru bay be convenient?
  • Do you prefer interior or exterior stairs to access the second floor? Will drop-down stairs work?
  • Is there a need for living space?
  • Could you rent out an upstairs apartment for additional income helping to pay off the garage?
  • Are you building a garage apartment as a weekend getaway?
  • Do you need a guest or in-law suite? Nanny’s quarters?
  • What living spaces do you require? How many people do you wish to accommodate?
  • Is a garage apartment a good alternative to the hunting cabin you’ve always wanted?
  •  What else will you need?

Contemplating what you want with your new garage takes a considerable amount of time, but it is necessary in determining what garage plan will satisfy your needs.

If you need more information, please refer to Choosing the Right Garage Plan for You.

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