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Jun 25 2009

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Garage Blueprints: One Set of Plans Stamped “Not for Construction”

Sometimes, when building a new garage, it may seem that it is only necessary to purchase one set of blueprints. However, before buying stock garage plans it is important to know that a single set of plans is stamped “not for construction.”  This complete and stamped set of construction drawings is considered a study set and is intended for review only.  With a stamped set of garage plans, you can view the blueprints in more detail and obtain bids and estimates for the materials and labor of your building project.


Once you’ve reviewed the garage plans and decide to proceed with construction, you can upgrade your blueprint package to a greater set of blueprints. Most garage plan publishers allow upgrades for a limited time. This means you will only be required to pay the difference in cost between a single set of blueprints and a greater plan package. At customers have 90 days to upgrade a single set plan package to a greater blueprint package.


Other important notes:

  • If you order a one-set plan package, be aware that shipping charges apply again when you upgrade your blueprint package.
  • Building permits cannot be obtained with a stamped set of garage plans.
  • It is considered copyright infringement to copy or build from a set of garage plans that is stamped “not for construction” and doing so is punishable by law.


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