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May 30 2018

Choosing the Right Roofing Material for your Garage – The Garage Plan Shop

Post By: M.K. Tenney

Category: Building A Garage

Roofing MaterialIf you’re building a new garage, take some time to explore what roofing options are available before selecting a roofing material. There are a quite a few choices to consider, and there is plenty of information available to help you choose the right material. Think about cost versus longevity and ease of upkeep.  Of course, you will want to ensure the roofing material blends with your existing home and compliments the architectural style of your garage. Ake some time to discuss your options with you contractor as well. Now, let’s check out your possibilities:


Asphalt/Composite – This is the most affordable and popular of roofing materials. It may need to be replaced more often than other choices but most warranties average 35 years. This option offers numerous colors and styles. The materials are lightweight, and they are rated for wind speed and impact.

Wood – Wood shingles are durable and look fabulous on many different home styles. Of course, fire is a threat and you will need to check for restrictions in your area.

Metal – This material is offers longevity. The vintage corrugated roofing you see on old farm houses and sheds is still available and is relatively inexpensive. Consider the new designs in metal roofing as they are attractive and last a long time.  Besides being energy efficient and fire resistant, this material comes in a range of styles that mimic other materials.

Clay or Concrete tiles – This material is durable but heavy. It can’t be beat for adding to the attractive character of a Sunbelt or Mediterranean-style garage plan. However, broken tiles will have to be replaced by a trained professional, but the upkeep is worth it.

Slate – A slate roof will last over a hundred years. It is durable but heavy. Check to make sure your trusses or rafters have the strength to support it.


Fort further information, considering contacting the National Roofing Contractors Association. They are a non-profit trade group that represents all aspects of the roofing industry.

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Apr 24 2018

From Simple to Sublime – Garage Plans Offered by The Garage Plan Shop

Post By: M.K. Tenney

Category: Choosing a Garage Plan,Garage Plan Information

Garage Plan 050G-0015From the simple to the sublime, The Garage Plan Shop, has it all for discerning homeowners who need to add to their abode. Let’s start with the simple. Plan 050G-0015 is a one-car traditional garage with 288 square feet of parking and a 9’ ceiling. If all you need to do is keep one car safe from the elements, this plan will fit the bill. Or, maybe your vehicle is already accommodated with an attached garage and you need more space for all the extras like lawn equipment and tools. This plan is still right for you.  But wait, of course, there’s more.


With the quick search feature, you can choose garages that have from one to four or more garage bays. There are drive-thru garage plans, plans that will hold RVs and boats, garages with carports, and many other styles. Check out garage plans with loft space and flex space and apartments. You can have your workshop or exercise room and provide a nifty apartment for family or boarders. Plus, the multitude of architectural styles makes it easy to compliment your house.


Garage Plan 035G-0018Check out the fanciful design of garage plan 035G-0018. This unique design offers 2190 sq ft of garage space and 2045 sq ft of heated living space. The garage bays are deep enough for boat storage, so take advantage and locate this beauty on the water. With an outdoor living room, covered porches, pergola, decks, pool and spa, it’s easy to overlook the stunning open interior design. Features include a kitchen island, a great room with a two-story ceiling, a second-floor deck, interior stairs and plenty of storage.

The Garage Plan Shop offers plans that can help you take a shade tree mechanic’s hobby to a full-time business. Garage plans are available with multiple bays, offices, rest rooms, party rooms, decks, and of course lots of storage solutions for more than just vehicles. Meet your family’s needs by expanding with one of the many plans we have to offer!

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Mar 26 2018

Pool House Plans for Your Backyard

Post By: M.K. Tenney

Category: Pool House Plans

Pool House Plan 006P-0001The Garage Plan Shop offers a variety of pool houses designed to suit your needs and to compliment your architecture. A very basic plan, 006P-0001, presents an economical pool house with a full or half bath. Essentially it provides a place to use the restroom and change or shower poolside. Simple, yet an effective and convenient amenity for family and guests.

For a more elaborate plan, consider 006P-0032. This design offers both inside and outside storage rooms. Inside there is a full bath with shower, party room with kitchenette and a weight room. Outside, notice the exterior pool shower, front and back porches plus an arbor on the side. This is a great accompaniment to any pool, and offers an excellent means for entertaining via the vaulted party room without dripping guests tracking through the main residence. Plus, this pool house plan can double as a guest room. There is even space for a stacked washer and dryer which may come in handy for guests who decide to take a dip before changing out of their clothes.

Pool House Plan 006P-0032

These two options are just the tip of the pool house collection offered by The Garage Plan Shop. Consider plans with outside party rooms, grilling porches, and eating bars. Party in style with hot tubs and saunas for your guests. Get practical with storage space for your pool equipment and washer and dryers for your guests to use. Expand your own living spaces with hobby rooms or exercise rooms. Pool house plans are available with garage bays for protecting your growing fleet of vehicles. Plans combined with apartments present a world of possibilities as guest rooms or housing for family, hired help, or even boarders. Take a moment to assess your needs and remember modifications and custom plans are available too.

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Jan 30 2018

Make the Most of Your Garage Storage – The Garage Plan Shop

Post By: M.K. Tenney

Category: Garage Plans with Storage,Organization

Bike LiftUtilizing the available space in your garage for storage means looking up. Unfinished space above the rafters exists in most garages and is easily the popular choice for expanding your available storage. Look to your local hardware store and online for ready solutions. There are companies that will design and install storage systems for you. Perhaps a loft accessible via a fold-down ladder will suit your needs. For do-it-yourselfers, check out Fleximounts. They offer packaged solutions and will guide you to choosing the products that will best fit your space.  Photos show real-life garages with storage solutions managed with the use of their products.  Heavy gauge steel racks are available in five sizes and the height can be adjusted from 22” to 40” to suit your needs. Storage hooks are available that work with this system, so not only can you stow all of your clutter off the floor and out of the way, but you can hang items like extension cords and lawn tools too. 

Keeping track of the kids’ sporting gear can become quite a task. Games and practice sessions for more than one person and for several sports complicates the problem. Rather than trying to keep track of gear that may or not be in more than one vehicle or stowed in more than one place in the garage, consider a system of lockers. Each family member can keep track of their own stuff without it getting lost and creating a panicked search when game time comes. A variety of lockers are available in different colors and materials. Foster responsibility while creating a storage system for everyone’s gym bags, balls, bats, skates, helmets, shin guards, etc.

There is nothing more frustrating than tripping over bicycles when trying to maneuver through the garage. There are many different racks and hooks available to help solve this problem, although some of them rather expensive. For a quick solution that is very affordable, consider the Racor Pro Bike Lift. This lift allows you to store a bike by hoisting it overhead. It will work with ceilings up to 14’ in height and lift up to 50 pounds. With a price less than $20 per lift.  Check it out, they also offer a similar lift for ladders.

With a little effort and a few new storage accessories, you’ll be able to maximize garage storage in a manner that suits your needs and lifestyle.

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Dec 19 2017

Why Choose The Garage Plan Shop?

Post By: M.K. Tenney

Category: Choosing a Garage Plan,Miscellaneous

Whether you are hiring a contractor or doing the work yourself, when it comes to choosing a plan for a garage, carport, barn or outbuilding, The GaragePlanShop is the place to shop for blueprints. The website offers a multitude of plans drawn by residential designers and architects from all over the USA and Canada. Use the advanced search to browse the collection of plans by architectural style overall dimensions, or other criteria to find plans that suit your needs. Save them in your favorites for later consideration. There is even a gallery of photos from completed plans to pique your imagination.


Take your time to window shop from the comfort of your home computer. Each plan page offers detailed information about that specific garage and provides pricing for available blueprint packages. If you find a design that is close to what you need, but it’s not quite what you want, submit a modification request and receive a free quote to modify the plan to suit your needs. If you prefer to start from scratch, a custom design service is offered.


For those who have never built a garage or accessory structure, take some time to review the FAQs and resources to learn about stock blueprints, the building process and other pertinent information that will assist you throughout the building process.


With plans available for garages, garage apartments, outbuildings, sheds, barns, pool houses, workshops and carports, you are sure to find something to suit your needs and compliment your present home and structures.  So don’t limit yourself, take a look at, and discover a plan that will accommodate your needs.

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