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Jun 12 2009

The Convenient Drive-Thru Garage


If you are planning to build a garage in your backyard or on another piece of property, consider building a drive-thru garage.  Just as any other garage will provide vehicle storage, a workspace or any other storage that you need, the drive-thru garage design will accommodate those same needs with added convenience. This type of floor plan delivers all the same features as any other garage plan, such as overhead garage doors and an easy access service entry, but it also offers at least one overhead door at the rear of the structure making it easy to pull straight thru the garage or access items from the front and rear without having to back a car out or move large items first. Think about it. No more moving the car out to get to the riding mower, just access it from the rear door. No more kids trying to maneuver their bikes between the cars to get them out of the garage. Just store them in back where they can open the rear door and hop on their bikes with no obstacles in the way (plus no scratches and door dings on your cars.) Maybe you have an angled driveway making it difficult to back the boat into the garage. Just drive the truck straight thru the garage leaving the boat and trailer in their designated garage bay with no hassles. Then drive the truck around the side of the garage and back to its proper place. Drive-thru garages serve many purposes whether you love gardening and want simple access to tools and supplies or prefer to have immediate access to golf cart, ATV or motorcycle. No matter what your desire might be, these designs eliminate hassle and offer convenience. Furthermore, drive-thru garage plans are available in a variety of sizes and styles ensuring you’ll find just the right want to suit your needs.


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