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May 19 2010

Abundant Features with Detached Garage Plans

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051G-0024 Floor PlanIf you’re in the market for garage plans, consider yourself lucky. There are plenty of residential designers drawing garage plans in all sizes and styles and incorporating a multitude of extra features. Today’s garage designs are fashioned to do more than just house cars. Not only will a new detached garage plan add value and street appeal to your home, but it will add functionality to everyday living as well. Floor plans available for purchase on websites such as range from a simple one-car garage to much large designs that hold four, five, or even more cars. Furthermore, they offer everything from workbenches and half baths, to offices, storage lofts, rec rooms and finished living quarters. Before your purchase a detached garage plan, take some time to consider your preferred size and style of the garage as well as the features that might come in handy for you and your family.


·         What size is your lot?

·         Home many bays do your need?

·         What architectural style blends with your home?

·         Should your garage enter from the front, side or rear?

·         What do you plan to use the garage for? Parking? Storage? A work space?

·         Do you need a workshop or workbench?

·         How much extra storage do you need?

·         Do you prefer one floor or two?

·         Will a drive-thru bay be an added or necessary convenience?

·         Do you need an extra deep bay for an oversized vehicle or boat? How deep?

·         Do you plan to store an RV? What size is your RV/motor home/camper (length, width and height)?

·         What other large/motorized items do you plan to store? Golf cart? Canoe? Motorcycle?

·         Where should the service door be located? How many service entries do you need?

·         Can you use an office space?

·         Is a full or half bath important to you?

·         Do you want finished living space such as a game room or recreation area?

·         Should the finished living space be flexible?

·         Do you want a guest suite or full living quarters for visitors, the in-laws, or someone else?

·         Are you interested in renting out the garage apartment for extra income?

·         What accommodations/amenities do you want in the garage apartment?

·         Do you plan to use a garage apartment to run a home-based business?


Thinking about what you need and how you will use your detached garage will help you determine what features will best suit your lifestyle and needs. After you consider your answers to these questions, you’ll be ready to start browsing garage plans.

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