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Apr 30 2019

Garage Apartment or Vacation Home?

Post By: Curtis Cadenhead

Category: Garage Apartment Plans

Want to build a vacation home? Build a garage apartment plan. They are practical, provide sheltered parking and deliver all the basics you need in a vacation home. Many of our garage apartment plans make great vacation homes. They provide comfortable living quarters for you, family and guests plus protection for vehicles and/or storage for all your vacation toys. Below are a few garage apartments plans that are suitable for weekend getaways.

063G-0001: Slow down and relax with this laid-back Southern style garage apartment plan. The garage accommodates two autos. Upstairs you’ll find a simple but completely comfy studio apartment. There is a coat closet in the main living area and a walk-in wardrobe in the bedroom.  A stacked washer/dryer resides in the full bath providing means for keeping your duds clean. 

Garage Apartment Plan 063G-0001

039G-0001: With its rustic style, this unique garage apartment plan is very suitable for a wooded lot. A three-car garage provides space for you and your guest’s vehicles or perhaps use one bay to store quad runners and fishing gear. The apartment above offers two bedrooms, full bath, kitchen, family room and dining room.  Enjoy the outdoors on the wrap-around porch. Ascend the nifty spiral stairs in the family room to the cupola. Use it as an extra bedroom for guests or perhaps a hobby room getaway.

Garage Apartment Plan 039G-0001

006G-0106: If you have a great view on a sloping lot, consider this garage apartment plan. Vaulted ceilings throughout contribute to a spacious feel. A walk-in pantry and walk-in closets provide lots of storage in this open design. A garage with a double and single bay offers a world of choices for storing vehicles and other necessities like wave runners or quads. You may even decide to use the single side for a fabulous workshop or hobby room. Add the optional deck, and you are set for one great weekend at the lake.

Garage Apartment Plan 006G-0106

062G-0116: This totally modern looking garage apartment plan fits the space of a narrow lot.  Wherever you find to build it, this is simplicity at its best. All of life’s necessities like a place to sleep, eat, clean up and visit are all wrapped up in a neat contemporary package. A two-car garage even offers a work bench for your puttering or hobby needs. Interior stairs can be accessed from both inside and outside the garage bay. Enjoy planning your day from a nifty second floor balcony.

Garage Apartment Plan 062G-0116

Check out or full collection of garage apartment plans to find one that is suited for your ideal vacation home.

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Apr 01 2019

Traditional-Style Detached Garage Plans – The Garage Plan Shop

Post By: M.K. Tenney

Category: Traditional-Style Garage Plans

Traditional-style detached garage plans are available in abroad range of sizes and offer a variety of features from lofts and workshops to attached carports, storage space, half baths, and full apartments. Additionally, they blend well with most architectural home styles. Below are a few traditional garage plans that will help you discover what you are looking for in a traditional-style garage plan.

009G-0007: With its obvious curb appeal, this traditional-style garage plan accommodates three vehicles. Two overhead doors expand its usefulness for vehicle storage. You may be tempted to use the single bay for storing a tractor or lawn equipment instead of a car. It would also make a great space for a workshop or storage. A convenient side porch serves as a pedestrian entrance. 

Garage Plan 009G-0007

006G-0018: Handsome functionality is expressed by this double garage plan. Its traditional styling will compliment most architectural home styles. It has a 9’ ceiling and a side-entry service door. With 538 square feet, it will accommodate two of your family vehicles.

Garage Plan 006G-0018

051G-0091: This traditional-style garage plan features excellent curb appeal with a brick and siding façade. Its 2000 square foot vaulted interior will appeal to the home owner. One bay houses your RV and the other holds the family car plus plenty of room for bikes, kayaks and lawn equipment. There’s lots of windows for light and a handy utility sink.

Garage Plan 051G-0091

050G-0003: Front facing gables give this garage plan with loft traditional styling. A handy covered porch protects the front and rear service entries. Imagine setting up a shop or storage area on the first level. Stairs lead to a loft space with a cathedral ceiling. It is ideal for storage or create your own hobby or party room.

Garage Plan 050G-0003

Take some time to browse our full collection of garage plans to find more ideas or the garage plans that fits your needs.

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Feb 28 2019

Landscaping for your New Garage

Post By: M.K. Tenney

Category: Lawn and Garden

After the construction of your new garage has been completed, you and your family will be staring at a large patch of dirt. Try to think of it as “tabula rasa” or “blank sheet.” Here it is, a canvas for painting with your landscaping skills. No skills? No worries. There are professionals for that.

Hopefully your construction project has been completed in late spring or early fall, as these are the best times to grow grass. So much has been written about lawn building, you will have no trouble finding information on types of grass seeds and sods that are available and what works best in your region. Decide how much of that dirt patch should be lawn, keeping in mind kids and dogs, swing sets and basketball hoops.

Laying Sod

It’s best to water a new lawn daily until it’s well established. Experts advise watering early in the morning and again in the evening on hot days. Rain gauges will help monitor how much water is being delivered and yes, it is possible to water too much and damage the roots.

Shrubs and hedges, plus flower beds can help create boundaries. Future shade can be created by judicious placement of trees. Consider other shade options for the present like a trellis, arbor or pergola.

While you are painting your blank canvas, don’t forget about water features. Since pipes and water lines are marked, it’s a good time to dig if you plan to install a koi pond, waterfall or fountain beside your new garage.

Consider items like concrete benches, stepping stones, statues and other hardscape features. Installing items that require foundations or leveling will be easier to place on your dirt lot now, rather than digging up an established lawn later.

Of course, no matter how much planning one does, somewhere down the road something will have to go, change, or be replaced. So, don’t be intimated for tomorrow by what you do today. When the time comes, you will be ready to tackle the next landscaping project.

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Jan 28 2019

RV Garage Plans for Your Home on Wheels – The Garage Plan Shop

Post By: M.K. Tenney

Category: RV Garage Plans

When you are not on the road, it is important to protect your investment from the elements. RV garage plans are ideal for your home on wheels whether it’s an RV, camper or motor home. Check out these popular RV garage plans.

024G-0014: With its classy exterior, this RV garage plan will complement any landscape. One side presents a 16’ ceiling for storing an RV (or boat). The other bay is large enough to accommodate four automobiles. With this kind of open space available, the home handy person will be able to fill it (or use it) in a myriad of ways. 

RV Garage Plan 024G-0014
RV Garage Plan 024G-0014

010G-0026: Not only is this a handsome building perfect to house your RV, it offers a handy workshop too. There is a skylight on the garage side to admit natural light. That should help when trying to park that bad boy. Lose yourself in the roomy workshop with its wrap-around bench plus a sink for cleaning up. When it’s time to daydream about your next project (or adventure) take a look through a large window that looks out onto a nifty porch.

RV Garage Plan 010G-0026
RV Garage Plan 010G-0026

021B-0002: How handy can you get with a plan that allows one to drive their recreational vehicle straight through? Well, pretty handy. Take a look at the side bays that offer additional functional space. One side accommodates equipment storage for your carts, four wheelers, jet skis, bicycles, paddle boards and lawn mower. The other side includes a shop area for your tinkering needs, a storage room to organize parts and clutter, plus a sink to wash up after you finish a project.

RV Garage Plan 021B-0002
RV Garage Plan 021B-0002

051G-0086: Here’s a great plan for storing an RV and two cars. The RV bay has a vaulted ceiling that is 14’ tall.  Double bays on the auto side also include a storage area between them and the RV bay for all those extras. A handy service entry offers convenience.

RV Garage Plan 051G-0086
RV Garage Plan 051G-0086

062G-0120: This modern RV garage plan offers “space age” spaces. Check it out! The 20’ X 20’ bay has a two-story ceiling making it “lift friendly.” Behind that bay, find a storage area of equal square footage for stashing away tools and parts. Ascend the interior stairs to a spacious loft.  What a great space to create your own studio, hobby room, or gym.

RV Garage Plan 062G-0120
RV Garage Plan 062G-0120

Browse our full collection of RV garage plans for more ideas.

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Dec 20 2018

Small but Functional 1-Car Garage Plans – The Garage Plan Shop

Post By: M.K. Tenney

Category: 1-Car Garage Plans

Detached, one-car garage plans are designed to offer sheltered parking and storage. They are available in a wide range of architectural styles and many offer special extras like loft storage, a workshop and more. Check out these five notable one-car garage plans!


1-Car Garage Plan 062G-0090062G-0090: This charming one-car garage plan looks like station from a model train setup. Its attractiveness is more than skin deep. With a 10’x8’ garage door it is easy to pull your car in and out of the garage. It’s also suitable for use as a storage shed or workshop. What a great addition to any landscape.




1-Car Garage Plan 078G-0008078G-0008: Check out this single car garage plan. It serves it purpose to protect your vehicle plus it has a handy covered side porch. You can make use of the covered area for parking your lawn mower, wheel barrow and garden cart. Or pull up some chairs and create your very own grilling porch, a great place to spend a summer evening.


1-Car Garage Plan 028G-0059028G-0059: Here’s a modern one-car garage plan that will protect a single vehicle and then some. A protected service entrance leads to a great space to store your lawn equipment or add a workbench. Windows on each side of the building and one over the door, help to admit natural light into this space.



1-Car Garage Plan 010G-0005010G-0005: Take a look at this neat one-car garage plan with workshop. Windows on each of three sides let natural light onto the U-shaped workshop area with workbench. A covered front porch accommodates a chair for taking a needed break from working, plus a stoop on the back provides a place to exit with completed projects. The one-car garage is perfect for storing a car, golf cart or pair of motorcycles.


1-Car Garage Plan 051G-0095051G-0095: Simple but effective, this detached, one-car garage plan not only protects your vehicle, it provides a great space for a workbench on the side. Enter through the service entrance and you are set for tinkering on the multitude of projects that crop up in your DIY life. Or add some storage shelves along the left wall for storing auto necessities like extra window washer fluid, mechanics tools, or a bucket and sponge for a good ‘ole fashioned car wash.


Discover more designs like these when you browse our full collection of one-car garage plans.

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