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Jan 30 2018

Make the Most of Your Garage Storage – The Garage Plan Shop

Post By: M.K. Tenney

Category: Garage Plans with Storage,Organization

Bike LiftUtilizing the available space in your garage for storage means looking up. Unfinished space above the rafters exists in most garages and is easily the popular choice for expanding your available storage. Look to your local hardware store and online for ready solutions. There are companies that will design and install storage systems for you. Perhaps a loft accessible via a fold-down ladder will suit your needs. For do-it-yourselfers, check out Fleximounts. They offer packaged solutions and will guide you to choosing the products that will best fit your space.  Photos show real-life garages with storage solutions managed with the use of their products.  Heavy gauge steel racks are available in five sizes and the height can be adjusted from 22” to 40” to suit your needs. Storage hooks are available that work with this system, so not only can you stow all of your clutter off the floor and out of the way, but you can hang items like extension cords and lawn tools too. 

Keeping track of the kids’ sporting gear can become quite a task. Games and practice sessions for more than one person and for several sports complicates the problem. Rather than trying to keep track of gear that may or not be in more than one vehicle or stowed in more than one place in the garage, consider a system of lockers. Each family member can keep track of their own stuff without it getting lost and creating a panicked search when game time comes. A variety of lockers are available in different colors and materials. Foster responsibility while creating a storage system for everyone’s gym bags, balls, bats, skates, helmets, shin guards, etc.

There is nothing more frustrating than tripping over bicycles when trying to maneuver through the garage. There are many different racks and hooks available to help solve this problem, although some of them rather expensive. For a quick solution that is very affordable, consider the Racor Pro Bike Lift. This lift allows you to store a bike by hoisting it overhead. It will work with ceilings up to 14’ in height and lift up to 50 pounds. With a price less than $20 per lift.  Check it out, they also offer a similar lift for ladders.

With a little effort and a few new storage accessories, you’ll be able to maximize garage storage in a manner that suits your needs and lifestyle.

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Dec 19 2017

Why Choose The Garage Plan Shop?

Post By: M.K. Tenney

Category: Choosing a Garage Plan,Miscellaneous

Whether you are hiring a contractor or doing the work yourself, when it comes to choosing a plan for a garage, carport, barn or outbuilding, The GaragePlanShop is the place to shop for blueprints. The website offers a multitude of plans drawn by residential designers and architects from all over the USA and Canada. Use the advanced search to browse the collection of plans by architectural style overall dimensions, or other criteria to find plans that suit your needs. Save them in your favorites for later consideration. There is even a gallery of photos from completed plans to pique your imagination.


Take your time to window shop from the comfort of your home computer. Each plan page offers detailed information about that specific garage and provides pricing for available blueprint packages. If you find a design that is close to what you need, but it’s not quite what you want, submit a modification request and receive a free quote to modify the plan to suit your needs. If you prefer to start from scratch, a custom design service is offered.


For those who have never built a garage or accessory structure, take some time to review the FAQs and resources to learn about stock blueprints, the building process and other pertinent information that will assist you throughout the building process.


With plans available for garages, garage apartments, outbuildings, sheds, barns, pool houses, workshops and carports, you are sure to find something to suit your needs and compliment your present home and structures.  So don’t limit yourself, take a look at, and discover a plan that will accommodate your needs.

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Nov 20 2017

Preparing Your Car for Winter – The Garage Plan Shop

Post By: M.K. Tenney

Category: Driving Safety,Seasonal

Preparing Your Car for WinterAs the days get shorter and the temperatures get cooler, you know it’s time to get your vehicles ready for winter. An inspection by your mechanic will ensure that your fluids are topped off, tires are properly inflated and the battery will hold its charge. Most garages offer inspections at a reasonable rate, sometimes at a discount if you are getting other service like an oil change or tires rotated.


Now that you have the assurance of a vehicle in tip top shape whose tires can handle the slick roads, wipers that efficiently clear the windshield, and a heater that keeps the cabin toasty, it is time to add a few items to that winterized car. Gas is first on the list. Keep the tank full to prevent moisture from freezing in the lines and to be prepared for those unexpected delays in traffic. Most of us pump our own fuel these days and it is miserable to fill up on a cold, windy, sloshy day, so do like I do, and take care of that tank on a sunny afternoon.


Emergency items to consider carrying include, ice scraper, flashlight, flares, jumper cables, rock salt or kitty litter for traction, a phone charger, extra clothing, a blanket, spare change and a snack or two. If you have kids don’t forget to add a few toys to keep them occupied when they get bored with what they brought. Do yourself a favor and pack your gear in waterproof tubs with lids. Not only will it keep your stuff dry, it makes it easier to move it around the trunk or hatchback when loading groceries, etc. Also, you can easily remove it at the end of the season and store it for next year.


Of course, we can never be prepared for every unexpected situation, but it doesn’t hurt to try.  Stay warm and stay safe.

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Oct 30 2017

Garage Apartment Plans Make Great Weekend Homes

Post By: M.K. Tenney

Category: Garage Apartment Plans

Are you thinking about building a weekend home? Garage apartment plans are a nice alternative to a vacation home and provide comfortable accommodations plus sheltered parking. Additionally, the garage allows you to store motorized vehicles and other items that you might only use on the weekend. Depending on your property, you might need room to store a gold cart, ATV, motorcycle or Jet Ski. A garage apartment plan is the perfect solution featuring parking/storage space and comfortable living quarters. Below are two examples of garage apartment plans that would be suitable for a weekend home.


Garage Apartment Plan 062G-0084062G-0084: For those who love modern styling, this nifty garage apartment has definite appeal for those wishing to own a modern weekend home. The two-car garage offers space along the back wall for working at the workbench. The spacious 10’ ceiling is a thoughtful extra. Check out the private entrance for the apartment. It has a handy bench and a coat closet at the foot of the interior staircase. Upstairs you will find an efficient but sweet two-bedroom apartment, ideal for you and the kids or weekend guests. Natural light bathes the living area and kitchen from multiple windows. Conveniently hidden behind a closed door is a stacked washer/dryer. Occupants can step out onto a charming balcony to enjoy a breath of fresh air. Whether used as a weekend home, rented for extra income or housing extended family, this garage apartment is a sure step about a useful two-car garage.


Garage Apartment Plan 051G-0101051G-0101: An attractive multi-material façade presents a pretty picture for this carriage house plan. Enter the apartment from a covered porch adorned with a brick archway. Interior stairs lead to the 798 square foot apartment. One can also access the staircase from a door in the garage. Vaulted ceilings top the great room, kitchen, and bedroom adding a sense of spaciousness to the efficient living quarters. The kitchen features an island that can be used for food prep or dining. Laundry concerns are met with a laundry closet located across from a handy pantry. Don’t forget there is a 3-car garage on the main floor for all your auto and storage needs. Whether utilizing the apartment for your weekend home, guests, boarders or hired help, it is truly a jewel added to your domain.


If you’d like to view more options like these, browse our entire collection of garage apartment plans.

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Oct 05 2017

Barn Plans? We Have Them

Post By: M.K. Tenney

Category: Barn Plans

If you own horses or other livestock or you wish to add a barn to your property, we have plenty of barns to choose from. Below are three examples of the types of barn plans we offer. Take some time to review these plans.


Barn Plan 012B-0001012B-0001: Here’s a champion of a horse barn. This outbuilding plan takes care of horses and riders in style. The main level offers nine stalls each with outside doors, two feed and equipment rooms, a tack room, a horse wash, plus a half bath and a center aisle that is ten feet wide. Doors on each end of the building make accessibility a breeze. Outside stairs lead to two apartments with an open floor design and a 27’ x 27’ studio.   Each apartment has a living room, kitchen, laundry and full bath. One has three bedrooms. Both apartments and the studio have second story porches large enough for a couple of chairs or maybe a grill.  A full bath in the studio adds to the convenience and versatility of that space. Use the apartments to house ranch hands or extended guests or perhaps create a board and breakfast. The studio could double as a bunk room or party room, or utilize that space for storage, hobbies or exercise. This plan’s multitude of possibilities, easily places it in the winner’s circle.


Barn Plan 007G-0022007G-0022: This unique garage plan just about covers it all, literally. The main level offers a two-car garage, three horse stalls, and a long, covered porch suitable for visiting, grilling, musing, or napping. The end stall also has an overhead door making it useful for storing tack or lawn equipment if you prefer. Interior stairs lead to a three-bedroom apartment with two full baths. Additionally, you’ll find an efficient kitchen, a place to play, and numerous storage spaces. It’s all wrapped up in an attractive exterior and topped with gambrel roof and cupola.  This design makes a welcome addition to any farm, ranch or homestead.


Barn Plan 066B-0003066B-0003: Here is a perfect companion to a log home. This rustic horse barn plan includes four stalls that open to both the center aisle of the barn and to the outside. A tack room and feed room provide storage for your animal’s necessities. Room for the tractor is an added convenience. The 12’ alley down the center of the barn makes it easy to enter or exit through the doors on each end. Interior stairs lend access to the storage loft. Doors on each end of the offer options for loading and unloading bales of hay or straw. Add function and beauty to your homestead with this functional and practical barn plan.


For more plans like these, be sure to browse our entire collection of barn plans.

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